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  1. Hi Tim,
    Looking forward to seeing you at Flight Club at the end of the month. We are planning on an 0/400 HP bomber raid game and I was hoping you could bring your beautiful Jasta 18 to fly against them!

    Also do you have any Moraine Saulniers, DH2’s, Fokker EIII’s or Caproni bombers up for grabs?

    Iain (chianti raider) has asked if you are interested in purchasing his Battlestar Galactica collection, if you are possibly interested I’ll get him to message you with what he has.
    See you on 25th,
    Regards and stay safe.
  2. Tim,
    I am interested in the following planes if you can source them for me please;
    A Fokker DVII but not Goering or Udett, I have them.
    A Phönix in the same jazzy camo as the one you supplied to Andy T.
    My friend Hobbit is looking for a yellow DVII and a Lothar Von Richofen DRI if possible.
    Many thanks
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