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  1. Hey Colonel,

    Thank you for the suggestion about the blog, that is an excellent idea! I'll play around with it a bit when I have more time. (I'm at the office right now) and we'll see how it goes. Appreciate the thought!

  2. David, have you thought about doing your After Action Letters as Blog entries here on the site (a new feature since the upgrade)? I think it would make a good series of entries and would keep them co-located together (in order as well). I'm sure many would subscribe to your blog just to keep up with them, I know I would. For the ones you have already posted in the forums, you can easily promote them to a Blog entry via a button just below the post in the original thread (if you decide to do the blog). Just a thought.

    Fly safe,


    (And yes, I realize I used a lot of parenthesis in this PM) lol
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