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  • Reviresco Sopwith Camel Build Project

    1. Clean off any flashing on the model
    2. Fill any cavities and rub down.

    There was a bit of flash on the wings of this kit... but it is not in too terrible shape! Took me about an hour to clean up the parts and define some of the details so they would not get lost after priming.

    Before Flash Removal:

    After Flash Removal:

    On to basic assembly!

    Step 3: Glue together fuselage halves.
    Step 4: Glue on front cowling.
    Step 5: Glue on bottom wing.
    Step 6: Fill seams with white putty and sand as needed.

    No real trouble with any of these steps at all. I will let the pictures do the talking.

    So on to the next steps... the tail assembly...

    oh wait.... hmmmmmm something seems to be missing...

    The lovely folks at Reviresco have managed to send me yet another kit missing a part!! This time no horizontal tail fins. Just priceless... WELL that puts this build partially on hold 'til I get on the phone with Reviresco and... well you can imagine... GRRRRRRRR.

    I guess I will have to concentrate on getting those other two WIPs painted and finished now.

    [QUOTE=Guntruck;38482]"The lovely folks at Reviresco have managed to send me yet another kit missing a part!!"

    Who'da thunk it

    How are Reviresco like in replacing parts? Would have thought they'd have had enough practice to be pretty good at it now.....[/QUOTE]

    I spoke to Mr. McEwan at Reviresco today... he was very cordial and said he would be more than happy to send me the missing parts. He asked me to send the request in an email (I assume so he would not forget). I will detail my other concerns in that email as well, and let you know what kind of reply I get!

    In the meantime I am working on mounting the struts and top wing... but I may be replacing the struts with brass, as the ones that came with the kit are very soft!

    Step 8: Measure, Cut and attach flat brass struts. File, putty and sand wings at strut holes.

    I have now received my replacement parts from Reviresco. I measured and cut four flat brass struts and glued them in place to the bottom wing, lining them up carefully. I then filed down the burrs from the cuts and filed down and puttied imperfections created by altering the wing holes to fit the new struts. With this build I am going to hold off on attaching the top wing until an appropriate point during the painting process. This will allow me better access to the fuselage and bottom wing.

    I also puttied a few spots I missed on the fuselage.

    Next comes the tail assembly.

    9: Prime parts to prepare for preliminary painting before assembly.

    Parts Primed:

    On to fuselage, cockpit, and under wing painting

    Thats right Gentlemen (and Ladies) after only 4 months of yet more Delays, Delays, Delays due to sickness, injury, surgery, and preperation for the Origins Games Fair... I am finally posting something new to this project.

    Since Origins starts in less than two days, and we need as many minis as we can get for that World Record Attempt, I have been taking the time to finish up the Camel (amongst the dozens of other minis I have been working on, and the bazillion projects I have to finish in the next 36 hours or so...

    As such:

    Step 10: Do preliminary painting mentioned in Step 9

    Pretty self-explanatory... and here is what I have accomplished this evening/morning, with just a "bit" of touching up remaining before I begin assembly:

    Assembled product coming tomorrow. Decals of some sort to follow!

    OK.... so most of you probabaly forgot that this project existed... but my arm has finally started recovering enough from the surgery to allow me to do fine motor skill work for short periods of time. As Such:

    Step 11: Let the Construction Continue

    Next Step: Final assembly, detailing, and decals (in a few days with luck.)

    Step 12: Final assembly, detailing, and decals

    Assembled and attached the undercarriage. Touched up a few rough spots of paint. Added decals (BGIF theme.) Clearcoated and let dry.

    ...and so ends a very long and drawn out build. Enjoy!
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