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  • Building the Hansa Brandenburg.

    When I checked the forum I could not find this How To. so thought I would re submit in case anyone had missed it.

    Hansa Brandenburg. Converting a Reviresco W 29 to a W 12.

    I was not very happy with the quality of the wing on this plane, so decided to scratch build both the lower wing and the new upper one.

    1. Clean off the flash.
    2. Fill flaws with Green Stuff.
    3. Sand smooth with wet and dry paper.

    4. Cut out new wing from plastic. Use old wing as rough guide but remember to reduce profile as Biplane has shorter and narrower wings.

    5. File up edges.
    6. Measure position for holes in wing and drill. Remember that float strut holes need to be as far forward as is safe, to ensure the forward protrusion of the supports and floats and wing struts cant outward about 5 degrees from the bottom wing.
    7. Glue rib detail to wings using fine cotton.
    8. When dry trim to wing outline with sharp scalpel. Ken please use sandpaper for this part!

    9. Glue lower wing to fuselage.
    10.Cut out upper wing and add rib details as for lower wing.
    11.Spray undercoats all parts.
    12.Cut out Decal camo for the top of the wings, floats body and tail.

    13.Coat application points with Micro Set and apply camo decals to all parts except the upper surface of the top wing.

    14.While it is drying (overnight) paint body struts, prop, floats and crew.
    15. Glue struts to lower wing. Use top wing to help alignment.
    16.Insert Pilot and tail gunner.
    17.Fit and glue cabine struts and top wing. Make sure top wing is slightly
    forward of bottom one. I made all new struts from spring steel rod.

    18.Pin and glue rudder.
    19.Glue cross supports to floats with a forward cant.
    20.Fit N support to floats as per diagram supplied with the model.

    21.Glue floats to under wing.
    22.Glue support struts from floats to wing below main wing struts. Remember these are handed.

    23.Glue prop to engine block.
    24.If required fabricate exhaust manifold and fit to exhaust pipes on right side of engine looking from the pilots view point.
    25.Fill and sand all spurious remaining wing holes if present.
    26.Touch up paint where needed.
    27.Micro Set top wing and position camo.
    28.Brush on Micro Sol to all camo and allow to dry over night. You may need to repeat this to get all the detail to show up. I cut a good v groove for the flaps and they still did not come through due to the ribs determining the contour of the camo decal.
    29.Add other decals crosses and serial Nos.
    30.Treat with Micro Sol to soften edges. Remember not to over work the soft decal. Leave to dry and then add varnish to taste.

    No other real info to give on this one except to say get a good plan if you can plus 3d pics. There are plenty on Google. Don’t try this one until you have some experience.
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