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  • How to resize/rescale a Revell Minikit Fokker Dr1 to 1/144 scale

    Revell Minikit Fokker Dr1 Resized and painted as Wolfram Richtofens Plane
    Bit of a mission but if you can't get WOW models one has to do what one has to do.
    In it's original form the Revell kit is about 10% larger
    I produce a 3 picture plan of the aircraft, to 1/144 scale, I'm making to ensure I get my sizes right.
    What I do is remove all the struts and wheels, shorten and narrow (Take from leading edge) the wings to size, File down the cowling and forward section of the fuselage by about 1/2mm all round (the plastic is thick enough), File out Position of mid wing to lower it about 1/2mm. File down the tail resize the tail wings assemble the bottom and mid wings and tail wing.

    Now cut through the fuselage just behind the bottom wing and up through to mid wing, then cut through at back of cockpit on same angle removing about 5mm including saw cuts, fit some strenghterners into Fuselage cut out new cockpit glue together and use a little filler.

    I reshape the wheel struts to a Vee shorten them and refit also narrow down "axle", I have used either reshaped Vee struts and outer wing struts or made new ones from plastic card.
    Fit top wing and Wheels

    Decals Home produced (Testor Decals system), tail decal is not disturbed so just have to repaint edge.
    Fit mounting pin.

    And a few comparisons to the WOW model

    And the three Richtofens

    These aircraft are not 100% correct the height diffence between the top and mid wings is slightly less then between lower and mid wings and rear of plane a little thick though filing here can camoflarge this.
    The guys here are happy to have them flying round till I shoot them down.
    Hope this is of some use
    Great way to hone your modeling skills.
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