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  • Official Morane Saulnier MS.406 Painting Thread

    MS-406 AiM & Miscmini decals

    How to add propeller blades (DeepL translate)

    The propeller blades are made of common transparent plastic packaging that can be found everywhere.

    I used thick and rigid plasticard which required a big "patafar" of cyanoacrylate glue to hold the whole thing together.
    The problem is that our planes are called to work on the "tappeto di gioco" and the slightest contact can break the fragile propeller.

    The packing plastic cut into strips (1 x 7 mm for the Curtiss H-75; 1 x 6mm for the MS-406 & D520) is much more interesting because it is flexible and thin. A little bit of cyano on the parts to be glued is enough; wait 30 seconds (too liquid the glue does not "weld" the parts) before putting in place with tweezers (at 1/200th it is mandatory) respecting of course the 120░ gap for a three-blade propeller.
    BE CAREFUL with the cyano glue, we (I) always put some on my fingers.

    For planes with propeller spinner it is "ch˘˘˘" to find the right position:
    1- after gluing position the foot of the 1st blade on the pan; I start with the vertical blade.
    2- as soon as the glueing starts, tilt 180░ to let the blade "hang". Keep the plane on its back and correct any deviation of the blade so that it does not go forward or backward or to one side. Let it dry (now I'm moving on to another plane)
    3- proceed = for the 2nd pall by putting the plane so as to stick the pall vertically.
    4- as soon as it appears that you want to hold it alone, turn it 180░.
    etc 3rd blade. Take care of the 120░ between blades otherwise it's not very aesthetic.
    5- I forgot: KEEP CALM

    Great Miscmini decal sheet as usual

    The white underwing codes on blue background can be made with miscmini decal sheet.

    With other "ArmÚe de l'Air Franšaise" fighters

    Conclusion: the quality of AiM & Miscmini is not to be proven anymore...
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Official Morane Saulnier MS.406 Painting Thread started by miscmini View original post
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. Aardvark1430's Avatar
      Aardvark1430 -
      Very well done Chee

      REP gun fired ...

    1. Flying Helmut's Avatar
      Flying Helmut -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark1430 View Post
      Very well done Chee

      REP gun fired ...

      What he said, except REP Guns jammed!
    1. flash's Avatar
      flash -
      C'est formidable, good solution & guide to setting blades on these tiny models.
    1. gutland's Avatar
      gutland -
      Again, Great! And useful work description.
    1. milcoll73's Avatar
      milcoll73 -
      nice work!
    1. Teaticket's Avatar
      Teaticket -
      Great flight Chee. Wish I had this info when I did my 406s.