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  • A quick & easy "How to" for making a Snoopy Wingman

    I made my Snoopy pilot/doghouse using the excellent instructions posted by Wayne aka "Biggles downunder" posted on his December thread “Snoopy has a new home”. I was able to fly Snoopy on several missions, but I realized he could use some help, specifically a wingman. But not just any wingman, he needed Woodstock!

    So I’ve been looking for a good Woodstock candidate and recently found one with the 2021 Hallmark ornament “Winter Fun with Snoopy”. Extracting Woodstock from the rest of the ornament is very simple and his size is compatible with the Snoopy pilot mentioned above. So here goes:

    The Hallmark Ornament Snoopy is a little over an inch with Woodstock about ¼”.

    Attachment 315367

    With an X-Acto knife or similar sharp edge tool, make a small cut on the tree just under Woodstock’s front feet.

    Holding Woodstock firmly, gently lift up on his front edge separating him from the tree.

    Once removed, you’ll see the slot that held Woodstock in place on the tree.

    To attach Woodstock to his plane, I used one of the protective plastic tubes that come with a paint brush and cut it down to a length that can hold Woodstock close to the cockpit.

    Then insert Woodstock into one end of the tube. Since his base is an elongated tab, I squeezed the tube to fit it.

    Place Woodstock and tube in the cockpit area over the pilot.

    Wingman Woodstock is ready to join Snoopy, in this case, in a Sopwith Pup by Shapeways/RAF.

    Look out now Red Baron!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: A quick & easy "How to" for making a Snoopy Wingman started by CrashCraig View original post
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    1. Flying Officer Kyte's Avatar
      Flying Officer Kyte -
      Hi Craig.
      You can now view your published Post here in the How to section.

    1. CrashCraig's Avatar
      CrashCraig -
      Thank you Rob. Regards, Craig