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  • 2020 LL Raffle #2

    Our second raffle to bring our 2020 Lend-Lease member, Tim/Flying Helmut over to Origins in June involves a one-of-a-kind counters box and Aerodrome Accessories set (damage deck caddy, rotary cockpit, and propeller range stick) finished up by yours truly. The box displays the top wings of the Nieuport 28 in American markings opposite the Fokker EV/DVIII in the camo wing markings. These are not only two planes that we enjoy playing - very comparable in abilities in the game - but they are also nice representations of Tim's love of Things German with his visit to the States this summer.

    This second raffle will be open for a month - since it is January 3rd, you will be able to buy raffle tickets until February 3rd. Thanks in advance for supporting the Lend-Lease effort For those of you who bought chances on our first Brown Balloon raffle, the Ground Crew Medals are on the site now and I will be awarding those this weekend. Thanks so much for your previous support

    Good luck to all those who purchase chances for this game play/organizing set!
    All the best,

    As of 15:22 on 4 Feb 2020, this raffle is now closed - thank you to all who participated!
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    Playing Online

    I hope that your game goes well.

    Naharaht Today, 19:58 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    Outstanding as normal.

    Been busy around here the last few days putting in the garden...and flowers....and cat litter bucket gardens....pond

    Shadowcat Today, 19:31 Go to last post
    Oberst Hajj

    Offline until May 31st

    I'll be offline until May 31st. If you have any site issues, PM Tim, Eric or Rob and they will sort them out or forward them on to me to look at once

    Oberst Hajj Today, 19:28 Go to last post

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    So the Nexus models were not always the best.

    Naharaht Today, 19:10 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    Amazing, Dave!

    malachi Today, 18:15 Go to last post

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    On pictures, WOG mini on left, WOW mini on right.

    As you have already noticed, the WOG Nungesser Nieuport has a more accurate upper wing

    monse Today, 17:50 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench


    cmmdre Today, 17:19 Go to last post

    WGS for Tabletop Simulator

    Updated on Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop. Automated movement works now!

    Woof Today, 17:12 Go to last post

    Playing Online


    Yes the host will be the only one who has to have the board setup. I will be uploading a live stream of the board as we play. (there

    mikejr74 Today, 16:26 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    Lottsa painting here today, two zones each left to paint a lovely English Ivy Green, irony?

    clipper1801 Today, 16:10 Go to last post

    Alien Robots?

    Ah yes the Telegraph. I was one of the last telegraphists in my state back in the day. Anyway ..... this sounds like Star Trek and the Borg

    Baxter Today, 16:07 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    Hi All, this sounds good but I am not sure I understand. Is it only the host who actually has the game set up as he is filming the process? Pilots look

    Baxter Today, 16:01 Go to last post

    A bit of history

    Yes an epic flight & a great lady aviator!

    gully_raker Today, 15:58 Go to last post

    Official Sopwith Camel painting thread.

    Nice 1st repaint. We rarely hear about the Americans in RFC/RAF units.

    Teaticket Today, 15:56 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    Thanks I will check and see.

    BobP Today, 15:51 Go to last post

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    What I have noticed is that there is a small difference between all of the Nexus to the Reprints under Ares. A lot of the them it is just a different

    mikejr74 Today, 15:44 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    One Reprint, 2020 Edition

    Jasta 13 (broom is actually Jasta 12, not 13)

    Jasta 18 (Berthold)

    JG II (Jasta 12, Jasta 19)

    Flying Helmut Today, 15:42 Go to last post

    Official Sopwith Camel painting thread.

    My first repaint: Lt Emile J Lussier No73 Sqn RAF from a nexus Barker. Most successful American camel pilot for RAF.

    Also my first ever

    malachi Today, 15:40 Go to last post

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    The Weber Albatros DVa is also slightly different. The new version has a 4 color lozenge compared to the original with a 5 color. The original also had

    Teaticket Today, 15:15 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    Bob I emailed you some instructions

    mikejr74 Today, 14:56 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    At least one of the wing shades changed colour on the SPAD XIII "Rickenbacker" mini, and the new "Fonck" SPAD XIII is much more ''brown'

    Flying Helmut Today, 14:48 Go to last post

    Paint differences between the originals and reprints

    Holtzem's Pfalz D.III reprint has a different paint scheme variation from the original release too.

    abovetheclouds Today, 14:43 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    What you call UTC I know as ZULU time. 1900 here would be 0000Z and 0100A. Have to figure out how this is done so I can get in on this.

    BobP Today, 14:17 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    There will be more opportunities. After this gets up and running I plan on setting myself up to do this also. Probably won't happen until the end of summer

    Teaticket Today, 14:03 Go to last post

    A bit of history

    Don't forget that Amy Johnson came from Yorkshire, Chris! She was born in Kingston upon Hull. Here is a picture of her statue in Prospect Street, Hull.

    Naharaht Today, 13:43 Go to last post
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