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  • 2020 LL Raffle #2

    Our second raffle to bring our 2020 Lend-Lease member, Tim/Flying Helmut over to Origins in June involves a one-of-a-kind counters box and Aerodrome Accessories set (damage deck caddy, rotary cockpit, and propeller range stick) finished up by yours truly. The box displays the top wings of the Nieuport 28 in American markings opposite the Fokker EV/DVIII in the camo wing markings. These are not only two planes that we enjoy playing - very comparable in abilities in the game - but they are also nice representations of Tim's love of Things German with his visit to the States this summer.

    This second raffle will be open for a month - since it is January 3rd, you will be able to buy raffle tickets until February 3rd. Thanks in advance for supporting the Lend-Lease effort For those of you who bought chances on our first Brown Balloon raffle, the Ground Crew Medals are on the site now and I will be awarding those this weekend. Thanks so much for your previous support

    Good luck to all those who purchase chances for this game play/organizing set!
    All the best,

    As of 15:22 on 4 Feb 2020, this raffle is now closed - thank you to all who participated!
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    Richtofen film 1919

    Great find. Have never seen anything like that before.

    BobP Today, 09:30 Go to last post

    April 2020 Workbench

    Very nice Neil. Are there Russians to go along with the Germans ?

    BobP Today, 09:14 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    Peter, I use google chrome too. It took a few tries for me too. On one attempt I was finally able to complete setting up an account, but then i got kicked

    abovetheclouds Today, 09:05 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    I decided to give IE a try instead of Chrome and thought I was getting somewhere.
    I was able to login and my Shopping Basket showed 15 items (from

    Stumptonian Today, 09:05 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    Thank you very much Monse, PM sent.

    abovetheclouds Today, 08:59 Go to last post


    Thank you for the excellent photos! Too bad the 2 air shows I had hoped to attend here in Florida were cancelled for this year. I'll have to get my camera

    abovetheclouds Today, 08:46 Go to last post

    New pilot's questions about bombing and smoking

    There isn't any real difference in the bomb cards. It represents whatever you want. You can think of it as one bomb as a partial load for a large bomber,

    OldGuy59 Today, 08:41 Go to last post

    Black colored Fokker D7 pilot card?

    Great--exactly what I was looking for and had not found this one--thank you very much!

    Jeffmal Today, 08:37 Go to last post

    Richtofen film 1919

    Hey Frank, it's new to me. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Cheers for the link Dave

    Caveman Today, 08:25 Go to last post

    Flying Cows.

    tigerops Today, 06:50 Go to last post

    April 2020 Workbench

    Wow, really nice Germans Neil!

    Teaticket Today, 05:52 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    I've tried many tines and have not yet had any success. I use google chrome. I'll try something else...

    Teaticket Today, 05:46 Go to last post


    Great photo Jeff. Here are some I took at Andrews. Missed last year so missed the Blue Angles along with the Thunderbirds.

    BobP Today, 05:40 Go to last post

    April 2020 Workbench

    I love how he did the the snow on the bases. Really nice every bit of them. looks like they are ready to jump out of my screen and invade.

    camelbeagle Today, 05:32 Go to last post

    Richtofen film 1919

    Wow, really nice. One of my favorite aces. Really nice share!!! Thanks!!!

    camelbeagle Today, 05:31 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    Is anyone else having issues with this week. When I try and access the site it just hangs up my browser. Not sure if it is just overwhelmed or if it

    camelbeagle Today, 05:30 Go to last post

    New pilot's questions about bombing and smoking

    Welcome Fabrizio

    Ad 1) Bomb cards
    As per rules (namely WW I) it is simplified that you have a bomb load of 3 pcs and decide

    gutland Today, 04:24 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    Thanks Monse, PM sent.

    Guntruck Today, 03:59 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    BoB bomber release update

    I am thinking of grabbing another daytime Dornier too DB. That would give me the option of a total of 7 German day bombers over Britain at any one time

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 03:56 Go to last post
    Von Scharf


    Working out on the patio when these guys showed up overhead. Since I have my Nikon in my gigantor computer bag, I grab it and try and get a shot.

    Von Scharf Today, 01:40 Go to last post

    Osprey Generosity

    Steve and Paul, send me via the inbox messagerie your mail adress.
    (Bf.109 / Yak)

    monse Today, 01:21 Go to last post

    How Would We Recognize an Extra-Terrestrial If We Saw One?

    HMMM...the earth or bust T-Shirt?

    Shadowcat Today, 01:19 Go to last post

    April 2020 Workbench

    Like the troops, building have much promise.

    Shadowcat Today, 01:17 Go to last post

    New pilot's questions about bombing and smoking

    Hi All,

    I am new to this cool game. I need a few clarifications.

    What is the difference between bomb cards with

    hokusai Today, 01:15 Go to last post

    Richtofen film 1919

    Here's a link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feP-__ZoxtQ
    Nice footage, well worth a watch - shots of Fokker D.VIII; D.VII; DVI & F.1, some

    flash Today, 00:53 Go to last post
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