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    To be confirmed.... WW1 Balloons due Q4 2022
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  • 2020 LL Raffle #2

    Our second raffle to bring our 2020 Lend-Lease member, Tim/Flying Helmut over to Origins in June involves a one-of-a-kind counters box and Aerodrome Accessories set (damage deck caddy, rotary cockpit, and propeller range stick) finished up by yours truly. The box displays the top wings of the Nieuport 28 in American markings opposite the Fokker EV/DVIII in the camo wing markings. These are not only two planes that we enjoy playing - very comparable in abilities in the game - but they are also nice representations of Tim's love of Things German with his visit to the States this summer.

    This second raffle will be open for a month - since it is January 3rd, you will be able to buy raffle tickets until February 3rd. Thanks in advance for supporting the Lend-Lease effort For those of you who bought chances on our first Brown Balloon raffle, the Ground Crew Medals are on the site now and I will be awarding those this weekend. Thanks so much for your previous support

    Good luck to all those who purchase chances for this game play/organizing set!
    All the best,

    As of 15:22 on 4 Feb 2020, this raffle is now closed - thank you to all who participated!