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  • Origins 2019 Games Schedule

    Event registration for Origins 2019 is live starting today! Below you will find a list of our favorite games, at least those tied directly to this and our sister forum... They are organized by day and time and are grouped under the aegis of the different groups running the games this year - since there are three different groups/places where you can get your 'fix' this year, make sure you know where your appropriate game is taking place. It would be a shame to show up at the wrong place for the right game, or vice versa... I have listed the event registration number at the end of each entry to help you register for your potential game(s). To be safe, make sure the title of the game you want matches the event number - sometimes the Origins organizers have a glitch and numbers don't match. When in doubt, use the title of the game

    “Ares Aviators” Ares games scheduled for Origins 2019 - to be run at the Ares Games booth space(run by rhodie80, Teaticket, oldguy, and matt56).

    12-3 PM WoG WW1 “RNAS to the rescue” 14620
    3-6 PM WoG WW2 “Flying Tigers over Burma” 14621
    6-8 PM T&T “Kangaroos and Ravens Save the Earth!” 14622

    9-11 AM BSG “Battle of Ragnar Anchorage” 14623
    11 AM-1 PM WoG WW1 “Frank Luke and his Balloon Busters” 14624
    1-4 PM WoG WW2 “Guadalcanal ‘42” 14625
    4-6 PM T&T “Tripods versus Tripods” 14626
    5-7 PM SoG “The Only Good Pirate is a Dead Pirate” 14627

    9-11 AM T&T “Attack on the Martian Base” 3562614628
    11 AM-1 PM WoG WW1 “Late-war Furball” (25 players) 14629
    1-3 PM WoG WW2 “Battle of Britain Furball” (25 players) 14630
    3-5 PM WoG WW1 “An early American action - USAS versus German recon/scouts force” 14631
    5-8 PM WoG WW1 “Jasta Greif to the rescue!” 14632
    5-7 PM BSG “The Hand of God” 14633

    10 AM-12 PM WoG WW1 “For the Czar” 14634
    12-2 PM BSG “Deep Space Furball” (25 players) 14635
    3-5 PM WoG WW1 “Zeppelin!” 14636
    6-8 PM SoG “Form Line of Battle” 14637

    9-11 AM WoG WW1 “The Grinding End” 14638
    12-3 PM WoG WW1 “Schlachtflieger” 14639
    12-2 PM BSG “Act of Contrition” 14640

    “Buckeye Gamers” Ares games scheduled for Origins 2019 – to be run at the Buckeye Gamers booth space (run by The Cowman, CappyTom, and Mark).

    10 AM-1 PM WoG WW1 “Moscow Bombed?” 14432
    7 PM-10 PM WoG WW1 “Wings of …Gojira?” 14435
    1 PM-4 PM WoG WW1 “Return of the Entente” 14433

    2 PM-4 PM WoG WW2 “Mitchell Hunters” 14430
    6 PM-10 PM BSG “Galactica Down, Nuclear Threat Imminent” 14439

    “Western Ohio Games Club” WoG games for Origins 2019 – to be run at the WOGC booth space (run by milcoll73).

    8 PM-10 PM WoG WW1 “Bombing the Reich - Maximum Effort” 12044

    8 PM-10 PM WoG WW1 “Whatever Floats Your Flying Boat” 12045

    ARES is also running a BSG game themselves - it's from 1 PM to 4 PM on Friday, entitled "33 Event" - and its event number is 16677 - it's a continuous play event that is being run around the world at various conventions in which ARES participates.

    Come out and enjoy gaming at its best - Origins has to be seen to be believed We hope to see you there!

    All the best,
  • Recent Posts


    December 2019 Workbench


    These ships are the new Warlords Black seas plastic models, about 1/700 scale. It is a new release and has only been out a few months.

    Shadowcat Today, 09:04 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    Matt I used to play TRACKTICS and used 1/72 scale tanks. I built quite a few of them...ESCI/Hasagawa/Matchbox/Fujima but then I was younger and eyes were

    BobP Today, 08:18 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    Here is the build thread Dobbs, enjoy!


    clipper1801 Today, 07:56 Go to last post

    Strange war booty

    Not from the States...

    flash Today, 07:48 Go to last post

    Lend-Lease Raffle # 1 has ended

    Good Luck everyone. I have my fingers crossed, but for those of us who don't win, its all for a good cause and I'm sure there'll be another raffle along

    Sauerkraut Today, 05:24 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    Clipper, I like the Santos Dumont plane, but how about a picture of the whole early zeppelin? Please?!

    Dobbs Today, 04:19 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    Great stuff, Ken - are you doing the ships for yourself or a customer? What scale and manufacturer?

    Bob - I look forward to hearing what

    matt56 Today, 03:35 Go to last post

    A Round the World Trip in a 'Silver' Spitfire.

    I covered the takeoff. Did anyone get to see the Spit in its travels ?

    flash Today, 01:05 Go to last post

    A Round the World Trip in a 'Silver' Spitfire.

    Love the shapes of Spitfire, here they are even nicer with plain polished aluminium surface. Do you know Marcel Dessault's rule? "If it looks good,

    Dan-Sam Yesterday, 22:40 Go to last post

    A Round the World Trip in a 'Silver' Spitfire.

    Yes I have been following its progress via Facebook.
    Great Stuff.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 20:43 Go to last post

    Lend-Lease Raffle # 1 has ended

    I was lucky enough to win the Balloon the last time one was raffled so I wish everyone good luck for this one.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 20:39 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    1 Down, 29 to go...sigh

    Shadowcat Yesterday, 20:23 Go to last post

    Re-Newbie Questions

    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Andreas, from here in the United Kingdom.

    If you like pictures of W.W.1 aircraft profiles simply perform an internet

    Naharaht Yesterday, 20:18 Go to last post

    A Round the World Trip in a 'Silver' Spitfire.

    Two British pilots have returned to Goodwood after completing a Round the World flight in a restored Spitfire with the paintwork stripped to a shining

    Naharaht Yesterday, 19:58 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    From the Gigantic Brewing Company of Portland, Oregon comes Glow Cloud Hazy IPA.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 19:50 Go to last post

    Strange war booty

    You are correct Bob.

    cmmdre Yesterday, 17:55 Go to last post


    The missile rules might still be in play-test mode?

    That is all I can say at the moment.

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 16:37 Go to last post

    Strange war booty

    Paul I thing you mean Pigeoneers of war.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:25 Go to last post

    One for the Thunderbolt lovers!

    Very nice. Good thing Dave (AIM) make them and Kevin (MISCMINI) has decals for them. Something to think about for after New Year.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:22 Go to last post

    December 2019 Workbench

    Great stuff Ken & Matt. Have my tanks to work on along with the planes I received. Two weeks till Christmas and most of the shopping done so should

    BobP Yesterday, 16:18 Go to last post

    Clipper's List

    Another fast, smooth transaction. Thank you Dave. Package arrived safely today.

    cmmdre Yesterday, 15:07 Go to last post

    Lend-Lease Raffle # 1 has ended

    You‘re in a good company my friend.

    Marechallannes Yesterday, 13:46 Go to last post


    Do we have any more snippets of information about how missiles will work or even when we might see them yet?

    Sauerkraut Yesterday, 13:20 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Strange war booty

    Very easy to repatriate them though.

    Flying Officer Kyte Yesterday, 13:06 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Lend-Lease Raffle # 1 has ended

    Best way to treat good luck Andy.
    Quit whilst you are winning.

    Flying Officer Kyte Yesterday, 13:03 Go to last post
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