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  • How To Painting FLIK 41J

    Several people commented on how nice my Flik 41J came out and I thought I would share what I did. It was very easy and it would be a great first conversion for someone to try.

    I started by buying 5 Albatros D.III Gruber. They are available on the Aerodrome.

    Great plane but I do not like the wing edge and edge of the tail that are yellow. I started by painting over these using Vallejo 099 Ger. Ext. Dark Green and 084 Uniform Green mixed 50/50. This covered a multitude of sins.

    To paint over the decal on the wooed I used Vallejo 125 Desert Yellow. It was a perfect match and when I hit it with a gloss coat it blended in perfectly.

    For decal I went to Miscmini and ordered their Albatross D.III FLIK.41J 1/144 Scale Decals. They are gorgeous.

    These went on with very little effort.

    The one good thing is if you don't have a Brumowski and don't want to pay what they are going for on PayPal you can paint one of the Grubers red and use the Brumowski decals on the sheet.

    Lastly I hit them with a coat of Lusterless Flat Lacquer Clear Coat Testors to finish them off.

    I think the results speak for themselves.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: How To Painting FLIK 41J started by rhodie80 View original post
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    1. Flying Officer Kyte's Avatar
      Flying Officer Kyte -
      I have placed this work on the "How to painting" forum Jim, so this has earned you a medal which is now up. Congrats.
    1. grumpybear's Avatar
      grumpybear -
      super job
    1. predhead's Avatar
      predhead -
      I've seen FLIK 41J in person...great looking birds!