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    To be confirmed.... WW1 Balloons due Q4 2022
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  • Wings of Prague Lend-Lease Raffle #4

    Here is the 4th and Final raffle to generate funds to send Mike (OldGuy59) over to the Czech Republic to participate in Wings of Prague 2019. This raffle involves four repaints of classic WWI opponents. Peter (Teaticket) has done up a gorgeous pair with his Fokker DVII and SPAD XIII adversaries. Jim (rhodie80) has contributed an equally striking duo with his repaints of the classic Fokker Dr.I and Sopwith Camel. All four add a definite spice and color to the tabletop, and I (for one) would love to have them in my hangar!

    This last raffle, like the previous one, will only last for two weeks - the cut-off for this 4th raffle will be the morning of 3 April. Take an opportunity to buy a few chances to win these beauties. Some lucky Forum member will definitely not be disappointed

    This raffle is now closed - thank you for your support!