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  • Wings of Prague Lend-Lease Raffle #3 - Vimy Ridge scenario airplanes

    This is the third raffle to generate funds to send our North American Lend-Lease participant Mike/OldGuy59 to Prague for the Wings of Prague 2019 convention. It involves six planes that Mike has repainted to use in the scenario he's running in Prague to commemmorate the battles for Vimy Ridge. Three Albatros DIIIs and three British Nieuport 17s, suitably (beautifully) repainted and re-decaled, along with appropriate ace cards and abilities for each pilot/plane. You all know Mike's handiwork with cards and computers - these look absolutely smashing - definitely a one-of-a-kind selection of aircraft and accessories!

    The first picture shows all six aircraft, while the second and third pictures are examples of the personalized plane and ace cards you get with each plane.

    This raffle will only last for two weeks, so get those tickets soon and get 'em often! Our last raffle will be up the second half of the month and will involve another four planes painted by two other members of the Forum - more on that mid-month...

    As always, thanks for your support of the Lend-Lease program!

    This raffle is now closed as of 5:25 AM 20 March 2019.
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    Clipper's List

    Hi Dave,
    my order arrived yesterday in California in good order. Thanks for your speedy delivery
    Coming Thursday they'll fly on

    Aardvark1430 Today, 01:23 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul! Hope you have a super day.
    Did Andy forget to put a "One" in front of the 25????

    gully_raker Yesterday, 20:22 Go to last post

    Clipper's List

    Bump, bump . . .

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 19:12 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday, Paul, but if you are 25 it must be using some kind of metric conversion.

    Stumptonian Yesterday, 16:40 Go to last post
    Mike George

    US Prices

    All Wars are because of politics, without politics this game would not exist. I believe in free speech and did my time in the service of my country to

    Mike George Yesterday, 16:16 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    A very happy birthday Paul.

    Flying Officer Kyte Yesterday, 14:11 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Celebrate your Day of Days in style, Paul! Hope it's one of your happiest yet

    All the best,

    matt56 Yesterday, 12:43 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    happy birthday Paul

    hawkhurst Yesterday, 12:06 Go to last post

    Date Changes, Again . . .

    Well, we might have them in time for Doncaster.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 10:56 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul

    grumpybear Yesterday, 10:27 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    From the Hammer and Forge Brewing Company of Boones Mill, Virginia comes Night Witches Schwarzbier.

    Here is a link to the Wikipedia

    Naharaht Yesterday, 10:12 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    A birthday, a cake, and I suspect, a glass of wine or two, in the company of friends. The makings of a great day.

    Hope yours is marvelous!

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 10:02 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    According to my limited research, the turret could elevate the guns to 90 degrees. This was, I suspect, only when controlled by the Gunner and Radar

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 09:57 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday, Paul!

    Naharaht Yesterday, 09:56 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul!!

    Caveman Yesterday, 09:21 Go to last post

    B-52 brought back from the boneyard

    True enough, Mike

    Jager Yesterday, 08:52 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    I wonder if the turret guns could be elevated while in the locked condition. That would make for a good Schräge-Musik attack.

    Jager Yesterday, 08:52 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    If you're only 25 Paul I can only say life has been hard on you ! Have a great day mate

    flash Yesterday, 08:44 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    A youngster! Cheers

    Jager Yesterday, 08:36 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    happy birthday paul!

    milcoll73 Yesterday, 06:34 Go to last post
    David Manley

    Date Changes, Again . . .

    Look on th bright side (if here is one), with the incoming tariffs on goods from China Areas might decide to move production somewhere else which might

    David Manley Yesterday, 06:17 Go to last post

    Interesting pic from New Zealand.

    Great shot again Baz. Looks like she's tailing him, watching his every move...like most of our wives!

    Teaticket Yesterday, 04:37 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Day Paul!

    Teaticket Yesterday, 04:29 Go to last post

    May 2019 Workbench

    What a great project, Rob! It will really make your winter seasons cosy!

    Nightbomber Yesterday, 03:15 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Flying Helmut Yesterday, 02:40 Go to last post
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