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  • Wings of Prague Lend-Lease Raffle #2 - Snoopy and The Red Baron

    Our second raffle to send OldGuy59 to April's Wings of Prague convention involves Snoopy and his arch-nemesis, The Red Baron! The winner will receive a Wings of War red Fokker Dr. I triplane (used); a Hallmark pewter Snoopy (painted and converted) with appropriate movement deck, doghouse plane card, and custom flight stand with pegs; and an Alexandros Miniatures 200mm bust of the Baron himself (painted and mounted on a base).

    So you have something for the display shelf and something(s) to use on the playing mat...it's hard to go wrong with some Snoopy versus The Red Baron action every now and then! And it's all for a good cause.

    This raffle has ended and a winner will be drawn and announced soon!
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    Any Sightings?

    I have a preorder Peter so hope we get them by next month so I can learn the game from a master gamemaster.

    BobP Today, 15:48 Go to last post

    Any Fan of F/A-18?

    Dan-Sam Today, 15:20 Go to last post

    Any Sightings?

    I'll be happy as long as it arrives by August. I have scheduled a T&T game for Council of Five Nations in September. Was supposed to run one there

    Teaticket Today, 11:26 Go to last post

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    They're not, the A2 will have an H deck, the B2 will have the K deck - recon v a bomber type, they have different speeds, H being Fast; K being Average

    flash Today, 11:18 Go to last post
    Dawn Patrol

    Any Sightings?

    They claim to have sent out a second batch of notification (why it hasn’t been four/fivebatches should be telling us something). They claim that

    Dawn Patrol Today, 10:47 Go to last post

    Apollo 11 real-time

    Well Dan they stopped the class work at my school and turned on the Black and White cathode ray tube TV for us 11 yr olds to watch in pixelated glory.

    tikkifriend Today, 10:06 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    The was a card produced in the Nexus years that upgraded the engine on the Breguet BR.14 so that it flew on the 'H' deck, instead of the 'K'.

    Flying Helmut Today, 10:04 Go to last post

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    Appreciate the reply. The reason I used the Bregeut was that in the upcoming re-release of set 4, there are both A2 and B2 versions. The Breguet BR.14

    Stealth7 Today, 10:01 Go to last post
    John n Colorado

    Wings of Glory Wednesdays YouTube series starting

    When I was contemplating whether to get Wings of Glory WW1 I discovered your videos playing the game with your younger brother, the "Furious Flea."

    John n Colorado Today, 09:54 Go to last post

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    From memory, there's really only a difference if the sub-type makes a difference in game terms. Most aircraft there isn't (Example the Breguet 14 A.2

    zenlizard Today, 09:43 Go to last post

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    Just curious what the differences are in the various subtypes of planes are, as an example the Bregeut A2 and B2. Aesthetic, cards or anything else? I've

    Stealth7 Today, 08:57 Go to last post

    Apollo 11 real-time

    Feeling, and memories.

    I was not quite seven yet; Highly mixed. It was annoying that I had my usual routine disrupted. It was awesome watching

    zenlizard Today, 08:27 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    July 2019 Workbench

    It will be both my work area and games table in rotation Bob, but yes it is very soporific already even after only one G&t.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 08:18 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    July 2019 Workbench

    Re-Painting: Jasta 15 (orwas it 18? ) Albatross D.V with the new Shapeways undercarriage

    Gallo Rojo Today, 08:08 Go to last post

    Bolt Action D-Day in July 2019

    Each sector of the board had their own initiative dice drawing -- game turns were determined after all sectors had finished their initiative draws. It

    NewFlyBoy Today, 07:22 Go to last post

    Any Sightings?

    Nothing here in Canada but in anticipation of be Martian invasion and civilization being reduced to rubbish technology Forged in Battle has just announced

    ShadowDragon Today, 05:55 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    Inspired idea, getting a Shapeways undercart designed!

    Well done, that man!

    I'll be buying some of these myself,

    Flying Helmut Today, 04:25 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    Just one further thought: I really like Ares-WoG minis, and beside of a few minor ''failures'' such as slightly out of scale parts, which are understandable

    Gallo Rojo Today, 03:24 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    LOL! yes, I'll edit it ...but I'll give you a tip for easy visual identification

    The one that makes the Albatros looks as if wearing hills

    Gallo Rojo Today, 03:23 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    Yes, you can order them from Shapeways following Peter's link

    Gallo Rojo Today, 03:22 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    I see you found them Peter

    but for the rest of the folks: yes, they are available for everyone at Shapeways. They come on a sprue containing

    Gallo Rojo Today, 03:18 Go to last post

    Bolt Action D-Day in July 2019

    With that many players (and units) how did you organize Initiative Dice drawing? As ususl, or you had some house rules to speed the things up?

    Пилот Today, 02:05 Go to last post

    News from the Invasion Front

    "News flash........It has started to be reported that due to the wholesale burning of large chunks of the city Property values are starting to raise...go

    milcoll73 Yesterday, 23:48 Go to last post
    Dawn Patrol

    Albatros D.Va: New undercarriage from Shapeways

    Might be helpful if you label which is which. Just saying...

    Dawn Patrol Yesterday, 21:45 Go to last post

    Any Sightings?

    It is good to hear that they are finally arriving in the U.S.A..

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:33 Go to last post
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