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    To be confirmed.... WW1 Balloons due Q4 2022
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  • Wings of Prague Lend-Lease Raffle #2 - Snoopy and The Red Baron

    Our second raffle to send OldGuy59 to April's Wings of Prague convention involves Snoopy and his arch-nemesis, The Red Baron! The winner will receive a Wings of War red Fokker Dr. I triplane (used); a Hallmark pewter Snoopy (painted and converted) with appropriate movement deck, doghouse plane card, and custom flight stand with pegs; and an Alexandros Miniatures 200mm bust of the Baron himself (painted and mounted on a base).

    So you have something for the display shelf and something(s) to use on the playing mat...it's hard to go wrong with some Snoopy versus The Red Baron action every now and then! And it's all for a good cause.

    This raffle has ended and a winner will be drawn and announced soon!