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  • Wings and Sails of Glory online registration for the 2018 Origins Game Fair! (FINAL UPDATE!)

    Ladies and Gentlemen it is once again that time of year!

    The Buckeye Gamers in Flight, The Wings of Glory Aerodrome and The Sails of Glory Anchorage are proud to be representing for a seventh consecutive year at The 2018 Origins Game Fair!! We would like for you to come join us this June 13th through June 17th in Columbus, Ohio for a total of 45 separate events in conjunction with Ares Games over 5 days... including Wings of Glory WWI, Wings of Glory WWII, Sails of Glory, and even Galaxy Defenders and Sword & Sorcery! Events will be run by Aerodrome members Matt56, 7eat51, Misdomingo, Rhodie80, Teaticket, Jager, Jago85, CappyTom, Yatag2003, The Cowman (that's me), and Flash, this year's Aerodrome Lend Lease participant.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! This year Ares Games is offering up the chance for you to participate in a World Record Event… Three different chances in fact! We want to break the current “World Records” for the most players in a single “Of Glory” event for Wings of Glory WW1, Wings of Glory WWII, and Sails of Glory! Below you will find the listings for these incredible attempts in bold type. We need you to come participate and help us make something amazing happen! New players are welcome, and all players will receive an airplane pack or ship pack with which to play and take home after the event! The current records are: 100 players for WWI, 23 Players for WWII, and 79 players for Sails of Glory! We CAN do this, and we want you to be a part of it all!

    Online Event Registration for Origins should be open as of May 2nd. Be sure to hop on and register soon though, as our events have limited seating and tend to fill quickly! Each of our events also has prizes for lucky participants, so you might even go home with bonus swag! We promise to show you a fun time and absolutely want you to come game with us, so please register soon and we will see you at the show!

    Preregistration for Origins has now closed! Tickets for our remaining event seats will be available onsite at Origins beginning June 13th at 7:00 AM. Thank you to all who pre-registered! We look forward to seeing you! The event list with remaining seat counts can still be found here!

    June 13th 1:00 PM - Event # 7405 - Fokker Fodder - 120 minutes - $2.00 THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT!!
    June 13th 3:00 PM - Event # 7407 - Operation Blucher-Yorck - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 13th 5:00 PM - Event # 7408 - Camels, Chianti, and Cevapcici - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 14th 11:00 AM - Event # 7413 - Wings of Gory WWI RNAS at your service - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 14th 1:00 PM - Event # 7415 - Central Powers Strike Back - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 14th 2:00 PM - Event # 7416 - Aerodrome vs. Aerodrome - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 15th 9:00 AM - Event # 7422 - WWI World Record Breaker - 120 minutes - $12.00
    June 15th 1:00 PM - Event # 7424 - Lend-Lease Game 95 Squadron Pays Rains - 120 minutes - $2.00 ONLY 3 SEATS LEFT!
    June 15th 2:00 PM - Event # 7426 - Berthold's Boys - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 15th 5:00 PM - Event # 7427 - The Green Fields Beyond - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 15th 5:00 PM - Event # 7430 - WWI Night over London - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 16th 12:00 PM - Event # 7437 - Staaken Attack - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 16th 12:00 PM - Event # 7436 - The Dunkerque Horror (Cthulhu on the Coast) - 120 minutes - $2.00 THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT!!
    June 16th 3:00 PM - Event # 7439 - The Real Flyboys - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 16th 4:00 PM - Event # 7440 - Mars Attacks! - 120 minutes - $2.00 THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT!!
    June 16th 7:00 PM - Event # 7442 - Invitational Tournament - 240 minutes - $4.00
    June 17th 10:00 AM - Event # 7446 - Save the Cognac - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 17th 1:00 PM - Event # 7447 - What's the Wurst that Could Happen? - 120 minutes - $2.00

    June 13th - 3:00 PM - Event # 7406 - Jungle Furball - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 14th - 10:00 AM - Event # 7412 – Kanalkampf - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 14th 4:00 PM - Event # 7418 - B-17 Bomber Run over Germany - 120 minutes - $2.00 ONLY 3 SEATS LEFT!
    June 15th 11:00 AM - Event # 7423 - WW2 World Record Breaker - 120 minutes - $12.00
    June 15th 1:00 PM - Event # 7425 - Midway - US attack on Japanese carriers - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 15th 5:00 PM - Event # 7428 - Stop the Fascists - 180 minutes - $4.00 THIS EVENT HAS SOLD OUT!!
    June 16th 11:00 AM - Event # 7435 - The Fox is Running - 180 minutes - $4.00
    June 16th 3:00 PM - Event # 7438 - Late War Fighter Melee - 120 minutes - $2.00

    June 14th 11:00 AM - Event # 7414 - Cape of Good Hope or Bad Luck? - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 14th 3:00 PM - Event # 7417 - Something in the Mist - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 15th 5:00 PM - Event # 7429 - Blockade at Grand Port - 120 minutes - $2.00
    June 16th 9:00 AM - Event # 7434 - Sails of Glory World Record Breaker - 120 minutes - $12.00
    June 16th 4:00 PM - Event # 7441 - The Mystery of the Mary Celeste - 120 minutes - $2.00

    Our complete living event list flyer, including Galaxy Defenders and Sword & Sorcery events, can be also found online here. We hope to update this list daily with remaining seat totals… so check it regularly and do not wait too long to sign up!

    Please feel free to print off a few and pass them out to all your gaming buddies...

    We can't yell it loud enough how much we all look forward to seeing you at the convention. Columbus Ohio, June 13th - 17th!

    The Buckeye Gamers in Flight
  • Recent Posts


    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    Cutting it close for May

    malachi Today, 19:52 Go to last post

    Dunkirk Hurricane Restoration.

    Found this photo of a Mk1 Hurry that crash landed on the Beach at Dunkirk & was rescued in 1988 & rebuilt.
    Looks like they did a great

    gully_raker Today, 19:46 Go to last post

    More new, exciting Space News

    The two astronauts have successfully reached the international space station.

    Naharaht Today, 19:22 Go to last post

    WGS for Tabletop Simulator

    Some more work today:

    Will work on encoding the B manoeuvre deck soon (along with the A and H decks). Also have a Spitfire in the works but

    Woof Today, 14:09 Go to last post

    Dornier 17 & Ju 88 Listed in Squadron Packs on Ares Website

    I have just ordered three Dorniers from Games Lore:



    Malibumax Today, 13:17 Go to last post

    Old-school dogfighting on Kickstarter

    I wonder if they know about these Litko stands. However, the Litko stands do not tilt.

    Naharaht Today, 11:55 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    That's because you'd need the fighters & rules for them to go with/against the bombers...:
    "To use this set, you must own any Wings of

    flash Today, 11:42 Go to last post

    Old-school dogfighting on Kickstarter

    There was a question about miniatures in the FAQ's.

    Will there be an upgrade/expansion/stretch goal for miniatures?


    Naharaht Today, 11:42 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    It says that in the small print in the middle of the bottom of the box and it also says that on page 3 of the FOTG rulebook.

    Naharaht Today, 11:33 Go to last post

    Old-school dogfighting on Kickstarter

    Mike, LOL! That is pretty good.

    The game looks neat, but I think I will stick with Wings of Glory. Also, DVG has Sopwith Leader, Fokker

    camelbeagle Today, 10:09 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    My mistake, though I distinctly recall the box being marked "Not a complete game, must own at least one of FA/WYB/BD to play."

    Diamondback Today, 10:05 Go to last post

    More Spitballing: Brainstorming Squadron Packs for WGF

    Dan, it's not so much WILLING as ABLE--Ares is a VERY small company in both head-count and financial capital, take a look at the main office on Google

    Diamondback Today, 09:59 Go to last post

    WGSC: Bloody Shambles [2 vols] (GS)

    I’ve been reading this one over the last few weeks and really enjoying it. It is loaded with detailed personal accounts that make it hard to put

    Dak21 Today, 09:56 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    FotG has a B damage deck DB and is a base set for bombers.

    flash Today, 09:50 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    FOTG didn't include damage decks IIRC, it was only an "expansion" as opposed to the five "core" card boxes (WWI and WWII) and three

    Diamondback Today, 09:19 Go to last post
    Oberst Hajj

    Flame and Smoke special damage markers

    Hi Max,

    I was on vacation so I just saw you post. I am currently sold out of the scout sized flame and smoke markers, that is why they

    Oberst Hajj Today, 07:23 Go to last post

    April 2020 Workbench

    It's a wonderful "first go".

    Willi Today, 06:47 Go to last post

    WANTED: Immelmann and Dogfight booster packs

    Thank you, Dave, I'll put together a shopping list.

    malachi Today, 05:07 Go to last post

    Memorial Day (late) US

    Wisdom from Children:


    Jager Today, 04:49 Go to last post

    Memorial Day (late) US

    Always true; but it is also the case where 1 (or both) sides don't want diplomacy to work.

    Jager Today, 04:44 Go to last post

    Times They Are Changing...

    Jackpot, well done Dan

    Hedeby Today, 04:28 Go to last post

    Old-school dogfighting on Kickstarter

    Source: www.boardgamegeek.com - aldie album

    Originally posted on this thread (before the 'Great Hacking of 2012' eliminated images

    OldGuy59 Today, 02:08 Go to last post

    Old-school dogfighting on Kickstarter

    That's the decision point for me Gary, rather spend the money on WoG as I will play that with the gaming time available.

    flash Today, 01:27 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    Interesting link Monse - the models projected in it were the first brought out by Ares.
    It would be interesting to see how those figures break

    flash Today, 01:22 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Times They Are Changing...

    Well played sir.

    Flying Officer Kyte Yesterday, 23:35 Go to last post
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