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  • How To Extricate Models from Original Packaging

    My apologies if my very first "How To" details something most have already mastered... I know I destroyed a number of original boxes before stumbling upon this simple means of extrication.

    First, I select a flat-head screwdriver of appropriate dimensions. I've found that small (almost jeweler's small) ones work the best for most scouts, though you want to make sure that they're not too small. If too small, the head can poke through the this plastic. Similarly, larger (stouter) ones work for the larger bomber and Giant models.

    Next, insert the head of the screwdriver between the plastic and the (typically) wing of the model at the point of contact ("dimple"). I always err on the side of caution and start against the white plastic first... no need to scratch any of the paint/decal/etc. off of your brand-new kite.

    Usually all it takes is a little gentle, even pressure along the entire length of the screwdriver's head. Too much on one corner, and it might perforate the plastic. Most models come free after only a single "dimple" is deformed, though they may need a little manipulating. Too avoid this, you can depress the dimples on both sides just to be certain.

    Once the aircraft has been released from the plastic... game on!

    It's up to you whether or not you want to return the white plastic to its original state once you've returned the model. I think I did at first, but I'm not certain it's entirely necessary. The top of the box usually provided a pretty good barrier... though you may wish to secure your models more firmly in the event of an unfortunate application of gravity.

    I hope this helps!
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    1. NewFlyBoy's Avatar
      NewFlyBoy -
      Chris, Nice "how to" for all newbies....when I first started the hobby I broke a prop blade off a model wrestling with packaging extraction before I figured out the "dimple depression" technique....great photos!
    1. surfimp's Avatar
      surfimp -
      Could a link to this thread be stickied in the main WWI and WWII forums? I have a feeling it could help avoid some heartache

      Nice job!
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