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    To be confirmed.... WW1 Balloons due Q4 2022
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  • 2017 Lend-Lease Fundraiser Round 3

    This is the third fundraiser to help raise money to send our first North American 2017 Lend-Lease participant, Jager (Karl), over to the Doncaster Wings of Glory convention in the UK. This time around we have a set of four custom painted minis. Each mini was painted by one of our very own members.

    From left to right we have an Albatros D.II painted by milcoll73, an Albatros D.II painted by Guntruck, a Nieuport 11 painted by flash, and a SPAD S.VII painted by Teaticket.

    Each $5.00 donation via the form below will give you one entry into a drawing to win this great set of minis painted by your fellow pilots here on the Aerodrome. Each entry will also help raise funds for the Lend-lease program.

    This round of the raffle is closed and the winner is:

    Flying Officer Kyte