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  • 2016 Lend-Lease "NON MULTI SED MULTA" Coin

    It is with great pride that we now offer a limited edition challenge coin for the 2016 Lend-Lease. These 1.75" (44.5mm) metal antique silver coins feature the site logo and motto on one side of the coin, while the other side features a map of the Czech Republic in it's national colors on the other. The text reads "NON MULTI SED MULTA" and "Lend-Lease 2015". ""NON MULTI SED MULTA" translates to "Not many, but much" and is the motto of the No. 312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF. The motto was selected by our Lend-Lease participant, Dan-Sam.

    Only 50 of these coins were minted and they will not be produced again.

    All proceeds go to cover expenses for the Lend-Lease program and running events at Origins Game Fair.

    Get yours before they are gone!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: 2016 Lend-Lease "NON MULTI SED MULTA" Coin started by Oberst Hajj View original post
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. grumpybear's Avatar
      grumpybear -
      Must disturb moths in wallet again soon
    1. Guntruck's Avatar
      Guntruck -
      Moths disturbed
    1. Jager's Avatar
      Jager -
      Oiled the hinges on the lockbox under the hearthstone.
      Keith: you can just bring them to Origins for me?
    1. Teaticket's Avatar
      Teaticket -
      The moths were a bit surprised. They thought they could snuggle down after Christmas.
    1. Skafloc's Avatar
      Skafloc -
      Order on the way, moths too slow PAYPAL faster.
    1. Flying Helmut's Avatar
      Flying Helmut -
      Ordered mine!
      No moths in my wallet - no money, either! Shapeways saw to that on Christmas Day!
      Credit card to the rescue!
    1. Sagrilarus's Avatar
      Sagrilarus -
      I just grabbed copies of the previous two for Christmas, and for those of you that haven't seen them in real life I'll tell you this -- you will not be disappointed. These coins are big, hefty, and very handsome. Well worth the purchase price.
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    "He got one!

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    T&T&T: Triplanes & Tripods & Tanks

    Ooh, ooh, just found this 3D printed set!!


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    Wintercon AAR - BSG and 3&3

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    Biggles downunder

    T&T&T: Triplanes & Tripods & Tanks

    I just happened to notice that there are lots of 1/100 WW1 tanks on Ebay - mental gears begin whirring...

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    Any Sightings?

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    playing surface

    Loving the mats posted above. Been playing around with some ideas for a DRADIS mat. Now I just need to find a printer.

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    Differences in plane subtypes?

    Wiki says that only 77 Se-5s were issued before the re-engined Se-5a came around.


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    T&T damage decks vs WoG

    Just noticed that there is a set of chits for WoG2 so have look into that. Thanks for all the info and input.

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    playing surface

    Looks like new matts will wait for next year. Too much on the docket.
    Thanks for the info, though, I'll see what I can do by then.

    Jager Today, 14:10 Go to last post

    Any Sightings?

    Downloaded the rules as Dave suggested. I also saw a YOUTUBE video about the game so I will keep reading but I usually learn while playing rather then

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    July 2019 Workbench

    Great job Matt!

    Still no Martian joy in Maine.

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    T&T damage decks vs WoG

    Baxter, thanks. Was able to confirm (good memory!) by breaking down damage decks I have (5 sets). How many DDs do you typically use during a game? We’ve

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    Flying Helmut

    playing surface

    It is, isn't it?!


    Flying Helmut Today, 12:35 Go to last post

    Running Tripod card

    I think the idea about moving quicker/farther using the two straight maneuver cards plus the running maneuver card gives one an energy penalty for 'moving'

    matt56 Today, 12:13 Go to last post

    T&T damage decks vs WoG

    The WoW decks are identical Eric - C deck is 17 cards but they gave us a double deck in the WoG RAP, probably to run AA with one and collisions with the

    flash Today, 12:10 Go to last post

    July 2019 Workbench

    Well done Matt.

    BobP Today, 12:05 Go to last post

    Differences in plane subtypes?

    Thanks Andrea - very helpful

    flash Today, 12:03 Go to last post

    Running Tripod card

    They have to play one or t'other - You have to play a run or a stationary each turn so a 'run' allows you to push on at the cost of energy I suppose,

    flash Today, 11:59 Go to last post
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