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  • 2015 Lend-Lease Wingman Repaints - Round 2

    For the third and final raffle of the 2015 Lend-Lease program, we have more beautify custom painted mins by various members of the Aerodrome. So without further ado, the custom painted minis...

    Sopwith Camel by Sulring

    Sopwith Camel by Flying Officer Kyte

    Airco DH.4 by freebird-52

    Albatros D.Va by Pseudotheist

    Fokker Dr.I by Nightbomber

    Fokker Dr.I by Sparky

    And Skafloc, our Lend-Lease participant, could not paint some minis up for these raffles, so he contributed these official minis instead:

    For those of you that have not been counting, that is a total of 8 minis up for grabs!!

    Important Information

    Please help me out with all the paperwork/admin stuff that goes on behind the scenes. When you are on the Paypal checkout page, you should find a place where you can enter your user name. Please enter your user name from here on the site in that text box. I don't have all of your real names matched to your user names matched to your email addresses (many of you use different emails for Paypal and the site). Without your user name, it is possible you might not receive credit for this round.

    After you purchase your tickets, please use these links to request the correct medal...

    2015 Origins Ground Crew
    Use this one if this is your first raffle purchase for the 2015 Lend Lease program.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Bronze
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle earlier this year as well.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Silver
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle and the Wingman Repaint Raffle 1 earlier this year as well.

    This Round is closed.
  • Recent Posts


    Jay Leno B-17 Nine-O-Nine

    Karl I have seen them a few times Nine-O-Nine (B17), TONDELAYO (B25), WITCHCRAFT (B24) and the P-51. It's nice to be able to crawl around in them.

    BobP Today, 13:25 Go to last post

    Ju-87 'Stuka' Variants

    I mentioned this (it's why I gave it C/A) but I don't know if it's really fitting for the Stuka to be able to deal large amounts of damage like that.

    RobotSpark Today, 13:09 Go to last post

    Jay Leno B-17 Nine-O-Nine

    Great video, thanks. Yeah he seems like a pretty cool guy

    Hedeby Today, 12:34 Go to last post
    Dawn Patrol

    Halberstadt D.III Amazon Prime heads up

    The Luftstreitkrafte version showed up for $19.95, and the temptation was too great for me. At worst, it provides the maneuver deck for a Shapeways Airco

    Dawn Patrol Today, 12:28 Go to last post


    That would be nice if they did, I think it's unlikely we'll see a new model or cards but you never know, they might surprise us..
    Just reading the

    flash Today, 12:12 Go to last post

    Running Tripod card

    Had seen that David but not read up on the rules (for fear of forgetting them before the game got here !)
    You have to play a run or a stationary

    flash Today, 11:54 Go to last post

    Jay Leno B-17 Nine-O-Nine

    I've seen this one several times at MAPS in N. Canton airport. Collens flies in once a year with the B-17, B-24, B-25 and P-51.
    Great to see them

    Jager Today, 11:44 Go to last post

    Ju-87 'Stuka' Variants

    Actually, since the D-5 carried 2x20 mm MG 151/20s, the forward guns would be C-C/C
    Otherwise, looks OK.

    Jager Today, 11:42 Go to last post

    Running Tripod card

    Well that is faster in turn then.

    Jager Today, 11:36 Go to last post


    I'm not sure what other aircraft could have mounted a cannon. Certainly not Nieuports or Hanriots. No rotaries either. Maybe an Se.5a or martinside buzzard.

    Jager Today, 11:34 Go to last post


    The elves and I are working with a "Doc Brown" attaching a pair of flux capacitors to a pair of OV-10 Broncos bristling with Red Bull armaments

    clipper1801 Today, 10:14 Go to last post

    Easter reading of the Martian Wars

    Whilst perusing this digital tome, I was alerted to this bit of Mars noise . . . .


    clipper1801 Today, 10:08 Go to last post


    The SPAD XII aircraft is specifically mentioned in the 37 mm cannon section of the new rulebook. Is this a hint that a model of the SPAD XII will be

    Naharaht Today, 09:57 Go to last post

    Running Tripod card

    Looking at the red 'Running Tripod' manoeuvre card in the downloadable 'print it yourself card sample set' and in the downloaded rules, has anyone else

    Naharaht Today, 09:52 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    From Poland 303 Extra Special Bitter honouring 303 (Polish) Squadron R.A.F.

    Naharaht Today, 09:39 Go to last post

    Strange terain below, Strange Musings

    Juan would need a massive table to put 8 HPs on at the same time

    Stumptonian Today, 09:16 Go to last post

    Today is ANZAC Day!

    We remember and honour their sacrifice and bravery.

    Naharaht Today, 09:10 Go to last post

    Ju-87 'Stuka' Variants

    OldGuy59 Today, 09:08 Go to last post

    Jay Leno B-17 Nine-O-Nine

    It is good to see a television personality interested in aircraft.

    Naharaht Today, 09:07 Go to last post

    Strange terain below, Strange Musings

    Another box just dropped off. Vintage book of model building by Aurora dated 1961, well used! Sets of expansions for Queen of the Sky. . .

    clipper1801 Today, 08:49 Go to last post

    Official Fokker D.VII painting thread

    Yeah, the elves had these tiny checker games going all the time . . . made them into decals for us if we were nice to them . . . Hunter had a knack for

    clipper1801 Today, 08:36 Go to last post

    Official Fokker D.VII painting thread

    Fantastic work on those planes. Amazing checkerboarding.

    rhodie80 Today, 08:26 Go to last post

    Today is ANZAC Day!

    We will remember.

    rhodie80 Today, 08:23 Go to last post

    Today is ANZAC Day!

    Freedom is never free.

    In remembrance of the ones who paid the ultimate price...

    OldGuy59 Today, 07:46 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Today is ANZAC Day!

    In remembrance..............

    It just so happens that I'm munching my way through a couple of ANZAC biscuits right now!

    Flying Helmut Today, 06:00 Go to last post
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