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  • 2015 Lend-Lease Wingman Repaints - Round 2

    For the third and final raffle of the 2015 Lend-Lease program, we have more beautify custom painted mins by various members of the Aerodrome. So without further ado, the custom painted minis...

    Sopwith Camel by Sulring

    Sopwith Camel by Flying Officer Kyte

    Airco DH.4 by freebird-52

    Albatros D.Va by Pseudotheist

    Fokker Dr.I by Nightbomber

    Fokker Dr.I by Sparky

    And Skafloc, our Lend-Lease participant, could not paint some minis up for these raffles, so he contributed these official minis instead:

    For those of you that have not been counting, that is a total of 8 minis up for grabs!!

    Important Information

    Please help me out with all the paperwork/admin stuff that goes on behind the scenes. When you are on the Paypal checkout page, you should find a place where you can enter your user name. Please enter your user name from here on the site in that text box. I don't have all of your real names matched to your user names matched to your email addresses (many of you use different emails for Paypal and the site). Without your user name, it is possible you might not receive credit for this round.

    After you purchase your tickets, please use these links to request the correct medal...

    2015 Origins Ground Crew
    Use this one if this is your first raffle purchase for the 2015 Lend Lease program.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Bronze
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle earlier this year as well.

    2015 Origins Ground Crew - Silver
    Use this one if you supported the Caproni raffle and the Wingman Repaint Raffle 1 earlier this year as well.

    This Round is closed.
  • Recent Posts


    WGS Damage chit bags

    In the U.K. there is a company called The Clever Baggers, which sell small cotton and jute drawstring bags. I have bought some to hold counters.

    Naharaht Today, 10:33 Go to last post

    February Workbench

    Well, well, I have not looked at this thread for a short while. WoW - there's some great work going on. Special mention has to go to Tim - awesome buddy

    mikeemagnus Today, 10:25 Go to last post
    Future Pilot

    WGS Damage chit bags

    I made my own, out of canvas.

    Future Pilot Today, 10:16 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    I gave up waiting for Ares and got two Fees from Shapeways (used in DYM Mission 1)
    I got two Pups from a forum member last year. Hoping to get them

    Stumptonian Today, 10:11 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    The Dolphins are OK, but I'd rather see Pups and/or Fees, if Ares does another release.

    zenlizard Today, 08:54 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    Well, not doing WW2 I could be persuaded to part with mine eventually.

    flash Today, 07:57 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    With a target that size you probably could fire forward and upwards Rob !

    flash Today, 07:54 Go to last post

    How many planes do you have to collect to win?

    Thanks for those side by side comparisons. Quite interesting as it’s hard to tell from photos with a single plane if the difference is the paint

    ShadowDragon Today, 05:57 Go to last post

    How many planes do you have to collect to win?

    WW1 official Miniatures : 174
    WW1 WOW : 64
    8 in 2 Deluxe / 4 in 2 Balloon Busters (2 N16 + 2 balloons) / 48 in 4 series* / 4 promo pack

    monse Today, 05:34 Go to last post

    Test of Honour

    Howdy all,

    I”m curious if anyone here plays ToH by Warlord Games. Turns out they are dumping the game to Warbanner who is coming out

    BwanaJoe Today, 05:09 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    You could be right, Dave! Let's hope those who want 'em get 'em before they're gone - I am happy I have some coming as a stretch goal.

    matt56 Today, 04:12 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    I saw that too Matt. They look great.


    CappyTom Today, 03:35 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Sopwith Dolphin

    My Dolph is set up A/B and very useful against Zeps it is too.


    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 03:08 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    The Lewis guns cannot be used to fire forward Baz - you'd blow your prop off !
    With the 'Higher gun' options now available in the rules you could

    flash Today, 01:51 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    Initially the Dolphin was fitted with 2 upward firing Lewis guns on the wing framework forward of the cockpit.
    In practice most Squadrons

    gully_raker Today, 01:44 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    They would be a nice option for TnT or anti- Staaken missions

    Not very obvious but the fittings are inboard of the struts

    flash Today, 01:41 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    An achievable stretch goal - probably the surplus of the minimum order not being shipped with the KS and once they're gone never to be seen again, thus

    flash Today, 01:18 Go to last post

    Jasta V vectorized markings WWI

    Today I show you the decal set of Albatros DV of Carl Lowensen who flown in May 1917, called too "Steuerwappen",...hope you´ll

    INIGOHE3 Today, 00:25 Go to last post

    Sopwith Dolphin

    Pilots of 87 Squadron, including Arthur Vigers, experimentally fitted some aircraft with two forward firing, unsynchronized Lewis guns mounted on top

    Naharaht Yesterday, 22:07 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    Frenchies Comet Pale Ale.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 21:23 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    Unfortunately, single malt scotch doesn't come with those ...

    Stumptonian Yesterday, 19:58 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    A worthwhile way to acrew damage chit bags, if ever I have seen one, Karl!

    All the best,

    matt56 Yesterday, 18:10 Go to last post

    Three player games.

    Thanks guys. Lots of options there for us to try out in our next games.

    Baxter Yesterday, 16:20 Go to last post

    WGS Damage chit bags

    I have a large number of Crown Royal bags waiting for such a conversion.

    Jager Yesterday, 15:50 Go to last post

    more ebay stuff

    On my watch list. Thanks for the heads-up.

    zenlizard Yesterday, 15:38 Go to last post
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