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  • 11 year old Wings of Glory pilot Sebastian having his 4th heart surgery

    Sebastian is an 11 year old boy that likes to play Wings of Glory with some of the Ohio Squadron members. At the end of the month he is going to have his 4th open heart surgery.

    Over the years them members here have shown us how big their hearts are when it comes to a good cause... and I feel this is a very good cause my self. If you are so inclined and are able, please make a donation in the amount of your choosing to help Sebastien's family with all the extra expenses surrounding this surgery.

    Here is Sebastian playing with his grandma at CappyTom's place. He has to go up to Michigan every month for treatment and this surgery should fix that so he doesn't have to go any more.

    Here he is having his treatment. It wipes him out.

    As Sebastian's wingmen, CappyTom (Thomas Crownhart) and Black Sheep One (Randy Wapperom) are the flight leaders for this charity. The Paypal donation button below will allow you to make your donations through Randy. If you do not have Paypal, you can send a check or money order to Thomas at the below address as well.

    The three of us would personally like to thank each of you that can make a donation. The site would also like to show thanks to our members by awarding the Sebastian Charity medal to all that make a donation.

    When you make a donation, please contact Randy with the details and he will submit you for the medal.

    Paypal donations to:

    Mail donations to:

    Thomas Crownhart
    806 S. Simon Street
    Ada, OH 45810
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    Flying Officer Kyte

    Gimbal Mounts

    Any idea when the Bomber gimbals will be back on the Store Keith?


    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 02:51 Go to last post

    Museum Photos of Interest?

    The artist is Tactica Dean, the ship image is 'So They Sank Her' from Russian Ending but I've found no info on the ship. I think that she doesn't include

    flash Today, 02:42 Go to last post

    Interesting interview with designers!

    Thanks for tracking that down, BronzeSparrow, much appreciated!

    Very interesting, I hope that they keep the capitol ships in-scale with

    Rory Today, 02:06 Go to last post

    Different Raiders!

    It is, for me, a given that we will see cards for multi-crewed ships with different Attack ratings, and possibly different damage ratings. Looking at

    OldGuy59 Today, 02:04 Go to last post

    WGS Unofficial aircraft list Version 1.0

    Aircraft notes for the WGS unofficial committee plane stats. Version 1.0 :

    « Any maneuver deck with the modifier (Z) uses Zoe Brain’s

    monse Today, 01:55 Go to last post

    New AIM Sterling

    Dave will be working on the Halifax once he has fettled the B17G.

    Guntruck Today, 00:53 Go to last post

    Interesting interview with designers!

    GenCon interview: https://youtu.be/luYq3ZCk08Q
    Talk about future products (including capital ships) starts at about 5:25.

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 23:38 Go to last post

    Interesting interview with designers!

    I’ve seen interviews where they have said that the capital scale ships will be in the same game as the fighters we have now. It will be a sliding

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 23:27 Go to last post

    Possible Upcoming Rules!

    Found it Rory, thanks. I know what you mean about FB. I hate it when you reply and it puts the replies in a sub thread almost. That’s why I missed

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 23:21 Go to last post

    L13 Zeppelin standee

    Well done! Zeppelins are dangerously addictive, but also very awesome! Enjoy.

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 23:06 Go to last post

    Interesting interview with designers!

    The link should take you directly to the start of the English version;


    Rory Yesterday, 22:53 Go to last post

    Different Raiders!

    HMmmmm, I wonder if they will be more adept at operating additional weapon systems, other than the ships main guns, like missile system or bombs, with

    Rory Yesterday, 22:41 Go to last post

    Favourite Viper?

    Great stuff Wolfbiter! I'd love to take a Mk II for a belt as well

    Rory Yesterday, 22:22 Go to last post

    Possible Upcoming Rules!

    Also, if we are getting atmospheric rules...will we see BSG: SB models of the Jet Vipers from the Caprican Air Force?

    Rory Yesterday, 22:09 Go to last post

    Possible Upcoming Rules!

    Yeah, FB is a real pain for stuff like this, a dedicated forum is much better, I'm glad we now have this place

    ...if you search under

    Rory Yesterday, 22:06 Go to last post

    L13 Zeppelin standee

    Well - first off - thank you to all those who had Zeppelin airship threads and I apologize for "borrowing" from your work on the the idea, gun

    seanmyles Yesterday, 22:00 Go to last post

    Tormented Soul/Nimble Pilot Interaction

    Tortured Soul reads:”Activated after you declare the use of a talent.If activated, the talent is not used (do not place a use counter on the talent).”

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 21:46 Go to last post

    Possible Upcoming Rules!

    What he said. I’m on the FB group, but I can’t find the thread.
    I hope they come out with a Rules update weeks or months before they

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 21:25 Go to last post

    Rory's Model Pics!

    That is a great idea and it looks awesome.
    I’m going to steal your idea soon as I can.

    BronzeSparrow Yesterday, 21:22 Go to last post

    OTT DYM - Mission 1 - Luftwachdienst-Sperrflug - 5th January 1916: Zenlizard

    Excellent AAR thank you for posting.

    Baxter Yesterday, 20:01 Go to last post

    Museum Photos of Interest?

    I have no idea, the photos were interesting but for some reason I did not pursue the details.

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 19:47 Go to last post

    Museum Photos of Interest?

    What is the ship?

    BwanaJoe Yesterday, 19:29 Go to last post

    OTT DYM - Mission 1 - Luftwachdienst-Sperrflug - 5th January 1916: Zenlizard

    Bouledogue Français?

    I just used the 52 Squadron identifier, so my French opposition is currently Escadrille MS.52, soon to be N.52 when

    Carl_Brisgamer Yesterday, 19:09 Go to last post

    New AIM Sterling

    The Short Sterling is one of my favorite British bombers - I will have to get a couple to go along with my Lancasters...

    Thanks for

    matt56 Yesterday, 18:35 Go to last post

    January's Workbench... New Projects for a New Year!

    Thank you my friend. I felt is was something I had to do for all the different things I do. Now I have Finns/Poles/Dutch and Chinese. I have something

    BobP Yesterday, 18:32 Go to last post
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