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  • Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory online registration for the Origins Game Fair 2015 now live!!

    Press Release:

    Wanted to let all you gamer pilots and ship captains know that Registration for Origins Game Fair 2015 Events is now live online on the Origins Game Fair 2015 Events Page!

    The Buckeye Gamers in Flight
    , The Wings of Glory Aerodrome and The Sails of Glory Anchorage are proud to be hosting 23 separate events over 5 days... including Wings of Glory WWI, Wings of Glory WWII, and Sails of Glory. Events will be run by Aerodrome members Oberst Hajj, 7eat51, CappyTom, Jager, Black Sheep One, The Cowman (that's me), and Skafloc, this year's Aerodrome Lend Lease participant. (Those would be our Aerodrome screen names... be sure to check out the site!) (If you register on the Aerodrome or Anchorage site, please list "The Cowman" as your referring member.)

    While online Event registration has just opened, online Badge registration may be closing soon... and our events have limited seating and are sure to fill up quickly. We are giving away a ton of prizes and freebies this year! Basically, if you are looking to join us at the convention, I highly recommend that you jump on it as soon as possible, and avoid the lines at Registration!!!!!

    June 3rd 4:00 P.M. Event # 1128 – Over the Trenches and Through the Clouds - $2.00 - 120 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 4th 11:00 A.M. Event # 1134 - Aerodrome vs. Aerodrome $4.00 - 180 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 4th 3:00 P.M. Event # 1127 – Contact Patrol! $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 5th 11:00 A.M. Event # 1135 – Burn Drachen Burn! $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 5th 3:00 P.M. Event # 1131 – A Picture is Worth 1,000 Men $2.00 - 120 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 6th 9:00 A.M. Event # 1124 - Bombing the Trains! - $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 6th 11:00 A.M. Event # 1136 – Staaken! - $2.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 6th 2:00 P.M. Event # 1125 – The Green Field Beyond? $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 6th 6:00 P.M. Event # 1132- Aerodrome Invitational Tournament 2013 $4.00 - 240 Minutes
    June 7th 10:00 A.M. Event #1126 – Sink the Monitor (Again)!! - $4.00 - 180 Minutes

    June 3rd 1:00 P.M. Event # 1140 – Furball Over the Pacific $2.00 - 120 Minutes
    June 4th 12:00 P.M. Event # 1133 – Bounce the Box $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 5th 9:00 A.M. Event # 1146 - Taranto $2.00 - 120 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 5th 2:00 P.M. Event # 1130 – The Shell Game $2.00 - 120 Minutes
    June 5th 6:00 P.M. Event # 1138 – The Big Furball Tournament - $4.00 - 240 Minutes
    June 6th 9:00 A.M. Event # 1139 – Bombers Inbound - $2.00 - 120 Minutes
    June 6th 12:00 P.M. Event # 1137 – Taking Out the Radar - $2.00 - 120 Minutes
    June 6th 3:00 P.M. Event # 1129 – Devil in the Slot - $2.00 - 120 Minutes

    June 4th 9:00 A.M. Event # 1143 – A Storm is Coming! - $4.00 - 180 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 5th 11:00 A.M. Event # 1141 – Did Someone Say Gold? - $2.00 - 120 Minutes SOLD OUT
    June 5th 3:00 P.M. Event # 1142 – Breakout! - $2.00 - 120 Minutes
    June 6th 9:00 A.M. Event # 1144 – The Fog of War! - $4.00 - 180 Minutes
    June 6th 2:00 P.M. Event # 1145 – Capture the Spy! - $4.00 - 180 MinutesJ

    Our complete event list flyer, including event numbers for the Con, can be also found online here.
    Please feel free to print off a few and pass them out to all your gaming buddies...

    We can't tell you how much we all look forward to seeing you at the convention. Columbus Ohio, June 3rd - 7th!

    UPDATE: We just did the math and came up with the total retail value of prizes for Origins 2015. Are you ready for this folks? Try $1910.00!!! That is courtesy of our sponsors: Ares Games, Aerodrome Accessories, The Buckeye Gamers in Flight/Wings of Glory Aerodrome and The Soldiery!

    What are we giving away??? Well, we can't really say... so if you want to find out, you have to come to the convention and visit the Buckeye Gamers in Flight area in the Minis Hall. See you there!!

    The Buckeye Gamers in Flight

  • Recent Posts


    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    Had to do-oo it chaps, he'd given out Uncle's address....

    flash Today, 11:13 Go to last post

    G aund Z Decks

    Hi Andreas, There is only a WoW G deck that was assigned to the DH.2, that came in the Immelmann booster card set however, when the model was produced

    flash Today, 11:07 Go to last post

    Matching Paints

    Has anyone compiled a list of the best shades of paints to match the colours on the Nexus and Ares models, please?

    I was wondering, which

    Naharaht Today, 10:44 Go to last post

    Flame and Smoke special damage markers

    I have a quick question on the smoke and fire markers... are they not generic? I am only seeing 0/400 and R.VI on the website... or are those just for

    MadMad17 Today, 10:37 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    I was going to suggest that you try a Fokker E.V. It is not as good as a Fokker D.VII but it does have a single 90 degree left turn (something a Camel

    Naharaht Today, 10:36 Go to last post

    G aund Z Decks

    I together,
    i have sorted my cards and have seen that I have no "G" and no "Z" Deck.

    Do they exist and when

    Alfgard Today, 10:31 Go to last post

    Sealing the planes

    And why not the Nexus/Ares planes?

    Alfgard Today, 10:28 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Wings of War - Contact to a french seller

    Thanks Andreas.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 09:03 Go to last post

    Bags for maneuver decks

    Link: Strips for Card Decks

    Link: Strips for Card Decks -Word Version

    OldGuy59 Today, 08:23 Go to last post

    Bags for maneuver decks

    Check your local Jo-Ann, Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Maybe even Walbarf or Harbor Freight...

    Diamondback Today, 08:17 Go to last post

    Bags for maneuver decks

    Uline sells 'small plastic bags' but only in cartons of 1000. Many LEGO resellers use them for shipping small parts. I have received lots of them.

    RJG173 Today, 08:12 Go to last post

    Bags for maneuver decks

    I use these 3x4 bags.Here is a link to Amazon. There is probably a less expensive alternative.


    cmmdre Today, 07:47 Go to last post

    Bags for maneuver decks

    Hey all,

    I saw this picture on ebay - the little bag for the maneuver deck looks great. I contacted the seller, but they said it was already

    MadMad17 Today, 07:32 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    You're a lucky man, Jeff.

    Stumptonian Today, 07:28 Go to last post

    Sealing the planes

    Whenever I paint a plane, when finished I usually apply a clear gloss spray and then when dry a clear flat spray. I want to protect the paint from wear,

    Teaticket Today, 07:15 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    Let's just say that "holistic planning" and "long term roadmaps" are not particularly Ares' strong suits nor those of any other game

    Diamondback Today, 06:35 Go to last post

    Memorial Day (late) US

    Nice Dave, thanks to all who served

    flash Today, 06:18 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    They look sharp Peter, nicely done

    flash Today, 06:16 Go to last post

    Official Curtiss P-40E Warhawk painting thread

    Thanks guys.

    Old exterminator was my favorite too. It was hard to resist putting the shark mouth on them all, but variety is the spice of

    Dak21 Today, 05:40 Go to last post

    Playing Online

    Jusy clicked on this and hit the subscribe button. No sound for me though. Looking forward to tonight's flight.

    BobP Today, 04:56 Go to last post

    May 2020 Hobby Bench

    Jeff I have played in many of Peters games and used his planes. You are getting an outstanding model from him.

    BobP Today, 04:48 Go to last post

    Wings of War - Contact to a french seller

    As annouced my Report.

    The items have arrived after one week (France -Germany). Perfectly packed up and all in the way it should be.

    Alfgard Today, 04:25 Go to last post

    Sealing the planes

    I dont know if this is the right place (perhaps "Hobby room" fits better, but it is about the ww1 models).

    Has anyone experience

    Alfgard Today, 04:22 Go to last post

    Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

    It was the first set with tandems in but we'd have to ask Nexus why they chose the planes they did - I think it was because of the unusual arc of fire

    flash Today, 00:46 Go to last post

    Memorial Day (late) US

    I visited the grave of fallen AVG pilot Lt. Col. William Reed on Monday. As part of paying respect I decided to commence reading

    Caveman Today, 00:28 Go to last post
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