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  • Colbatman Memorial Raffle

    As many of you know, on July 2nd of this year, we lost one of our Australian pilots, Colbatman. The Col, as he was called by friends and fellow pilots, was an active member of his local gaming group and promoted not only playing Wings of Glory, but also the hobby side of the game with painting many planes. Before his passing, the Col selected two of his lovingly painted and rigged Shapeways planes to be raffled off in his memory. Here in the very near future his surviving wife will be moving so that she can be closer to their son. As we all know, moving always comes with extra financial expenses and the funds raised here could really help the Col’s family out.

    In honor of his request, it is with fond thoughts and a heavy heart that I post the Colbatman Memorial Raffle. This raffle will have two groups of prizes.

    The first group in concludes a Caudron F-40 in Belgian colours with its unique "grinning skull" nose art plus a Vickers FB 5 "gunbus" in CDL British finish.
    As you can see both models are rigged to Col's excellent standard.

    This group of prizes will be awarded to one lucky winner.

    The next group of prizes, one each of the Wings of War RAF R.E. 8 miniatures, was graciously donated by 7eat51 and will be awarded to a second winner.

    Everyone that enters the raffle will be awarded the Colbatman Memorial Medal to proudly display on their profile page and each of their posts.

    Please use the Paypal drop down and button below to purchase the raffle tickets. Each ticket is $5 and you can purchase as many tickets as you like.

    Blue Skies Col.

    This raffle is now closed and the winner will be drawn later today!
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    Poster Art of World War II Exhibit

    You're quite welcome, David.

    NewFlyBoy Today, 06:17 Go to last post

    Pražský Con 2019

    Teda ne, že bych do toho mohl kecat, ale v květnu bývá nejvíc reenactingových akcí... a sáhnout si na nějakou válečnou techniku naživo...

    Wanderer Today, 05:51 Go to last post

    Board Game Geek website

    Every time I go to the Board Game Geek website, I am overwhelmed by the chaotic (ti me, anyway) way it seems to be set up. There is way too much visually

    matt56 Today, 05:10 Go to last post

    Game. Mat Reprints

    There is a actually a huge amount of stuff coming for Wings this year... Is it just me, or are rumours not being leaked as much as they used to on this

    Xen Today, 04:50 Go to last post

    2018 Lend Lease Round 1 Winner


    Xen Today, 04:49 Go to last post
    Gallo Rojo

    Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles

    Viper Mk II
    Viper Mk VII
    Viper Original Series
    Caprica's Viper Mk I
    Viper Mk IV (?)
    Colonial Raptor


    Gallo Rojo Today, 04:00 Go to last post

    Red Baron down!


    Boght it during black friday for 50% off.

    15 $ (instead of 30$)

    Marechallannes Today, 03:24 Go to last post

    Red Baron down!

    Marechallannes Today, 03:22 Go to last post

    The Bristol - AAR

    Hi Dave - thanks a lot for this I'll check the link now. I wondered with the Rep thing if I could cash them in for a new plane Wishful thinking.

    Vagabond Today, 02:59 Go to last post

    The Bristol - AAR

    There is some clarification of the blind spot rule in the following you might find helpful John:

    flash Today, 02:44 Go to last post

    The Bristol - AAR

    Hi Dave thanks for the input, appreciate your comments on the rule interpretations.

    On the sandwich, it's not clear from the photo but the

    Vagabond Today, 01:41 Go to last post

    Bomb the Factory

    The final shots from the Caproni's rear gunner finished off the blue Albatros.

    It was the +1 damages for 'Improved Aim' from repeated hits

    Naharaht Today, 01:21 Go to last post

    Pražský Con 2019

    Jedno končí, druhé začíná...

    Mám od Rafała podnět, že by se jim velmi hodilo, kdyby příští rok byl Con až v květnu

    Dan-Sam Today, 01:13 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    Meanwhile the current stuff is selling and paints up ok

    Note the "Phat Yak" syndrome - they're a bit

    PilGrim Today, 01:10 Go to last post

    Poster Art of World War II Exhibit

    Thank you for the photographs of some of the posters, Bill.

    Naharaht Today, 00:54 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    The Mosquito is one of only two ETO planes that are auto-buy for me so I am ecstatic with their choice. Keeping fingers crossed for a certain Italian

    Tokhuah Today, 00:52 Go to last post

    1/144 WWI Airfield

    The buildings look great!
    You'll have an impressive table when you're done, Jim.

    Sulring Today, 00:35 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    I can see the Mosquitoes and Fw-190A's being very popular.

    Naharaht Today, 00:35 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    Naharaht Today, 00:32 Go to last post

    Brisfit Close up!

    Tremendous photo, Barry!

    Naharaht Today, 00:28 Go to last post

    The Europa Clipper?

    Thank you for the 'heads up', David. I shall have to look out for the re-release of 2001 at my local cinemas.

    Naharaht Today, 00:27 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    They needed 2 planes in the frame for the mould so agonised over what would go with the Hurricane and the 110 which were no brainers to coincide with

    PilGrim Today, 00:23 Go to last post

    The need for gun control

    I had not seen that sketch before, Gary. Thank you for posting it.

    Naharaht Today, 00:17 Go to last post

    TAVAS Great War Flying Display Caboolture Airfield 21-22 April 2018

    Thank you for the great photographs, Carl! It sounds like you had a good time.

    Naharaht Today, 00:11 Go to last post

    The need for gun control

    Not Mr Bean - Inspector Raymond Fowler in The Thin Blue line up against his nemesis DI Derek Grim - funny show, Rowan Atkinson's delivery is superb especially

    flash Today, 00:00 Go to last post
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