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  • 2-D Zeppelin 'how-to' or 'How to cook a Zeppelin for minimal outlay'

    Recipe for a 2-D Zeppelin printed on paper

    1. File created by rOEN911 at http:// (scroll down to post #12)
    2. A copy of Microsoft Publisher
    3. Printer
    4. A4 paper
    5. A liberal dose of patience

    1. I will assume that you have downloaded the file and extracted the 2 files contained in it.
    2. Start MS Publisher and Select ‘New’. Now select ‘Banners’ from the ‘More Templates’ section.
    3. Select the first banner ‘Baby Congratulations’. Set the Border option to ‘No Border’ and the Graphic option to ‘None’. Now click ‘Create’.
    4. Delete the text and the text box. You should now see this on your screen:

    5. Now use the ‘Insert’ menu to place your Zep graphic (file name lz127) onto the page. It should look like this:

    6. You now need to crop the graphic (as close to the outline as possible) using the ‘Crop’ tool. You should end up with something like this:

    7. Now move the graphic to the top left-hand corner of the banner so that it looks like this:

    8. You are saving your work as you go, aren’t you!

    9. Now you simply need to print the banner. You will end up with a set of pages that look like this:

    10. All you need to do now is to glue the pages together, after trimming the left hand end of each page so that you can match the edges. Then, when the glue has dried you can carefully cut out your zeppelin.

    11. Happy Zepp-cooking!

    You can download a pdf version of this 'How-to' from:

    And here's one I 'baked' earlier, laid out on two mats:

    This article was originally published in forum thread: 2-D Zeppelin 'how-to' or 'How to cook a Zeppelin for minimal outlay' started by Biggles downunder View original post