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  • Safely remove paint from an aerosol spray can

    How to safely remove paint from an aerosol spray;

    If like me you probably have a whole host of spray paint in your collection and there are times when you need more control over the flow of paint than what the can offers, be it touching up areas with a brush or actually using an airbrush to lay down the same colour.
    However it can be rather expensive or inconvenient to have to go out and buy the same paint in potted form. So here is a safe and controlled method of extracting paint from the can.

    You will need the following:

    • 1 drinking straw
    • Parcel tape
    • Scissors
    • Pot (Warning some paint will eat the plastic away so I would recommend a small jam jar)
    • Very well ventilated area

    First off cut the straw in to two lengths, one longer than the other.

    Then cover your pot with the parcel tape.

    Punch two holes in the tape on opposite sides of each other.

    Insert the straws making sure that there is no gap.

    Now using the long straw put the nozzle of the spray can directly into the straw, make sure the vent straw is facing away from you towards either an extractor fan if you are using a spray booth or the same directing the wind is blowing so the gasses and vapors blow away from you.

    Leave the paint to sit for a few minutes as it will need to let the gas trapped in the paint escape (it will look like the paint is boiling)

    Transfer the paint to an old paint pot for use and storage.

    Job done!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to; Safely remove paint from an aerosol spray can started by FarEast View original post