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  • How to make a strips for decks with bases

    In 2012 I made (and I am still updating it) a collection of strips for maneuvre cards decks with bases, few minutes age a manueal for making strips without bases, so here is the manual for the second variant. The strips is a little different - check it. Do you see? On sidewith marking is longer!

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    * Photo of storage with strips without bases.

    OK, let's create!

    1. Prepare all the necessary tools: common knife, snap-off knife, scissors, rigid glue, ruler and...yes, table (surprised?).

    2. Find the correct strip and carefully cut it out. It is much better to attach ruler from the side you want to protect from cutting off.

    3. Now you have just cut out strip. Now you need to create common grooves for bending. About uncommon grooves we will talk later.

    4. See the grey lines and attach to them the ruler (may be about 0,5 mm from it - you must count with own thickenss of the knife).

    5. With a dull side of the blade swipe approximately five times over gray line. A little press, but not much.

    6. Attention crucial momentis here: it is necessary to precisely bend the longer side of the tape, but not to an acute angle - you need rather circular bend. Hold the strip on both sides in both hands (there is only one hand on the photo - I needed to take a photo) and to estimate the place on the long side, which probably needs to be done round the bend. Now this place drag twice or three times over the edge of the table.

    7. Do you see the difference between two types of stripes? Compare them.

    8. Glue the edge part of the strip - be carefull, work with clean fingers.

    9. Carefully thread the strip back on the deck and slowly glue. So far, only lightly so you can make the corrections. When you're certain position, press your fingers and hold it few seconds.

    10. At the end of the work very carefully cut off the excess part.

    11. Now everything is done. Congratulations

    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to make a strips for decks with bases started by Dan-Sam View original post