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  • Adding gimbal mounts and spinning props to a WGS mini

    So you start with a P-51

    Then you cut off the peg and props.

    Then you glue a magnet onto one of the flight pegs. I use super-glue gel.

    Now I use two tools on my Dremel.

    The sharp one to put a pilot hole in the spot where the peg was.

    Then the round tip one to put a concave into the surface.

    Make sure to rough up the metal ball before gluing it to the plane. Then place a drop of super-glue to the hole.

    Now onto the prop. I use 1/2 inch punch to make the props and then I just eyeball the center with a tack.

    I then use a rat-tail file to widen the hole till it fits over the prop nose.

    This will take time and patience as you get closer to a perfect fit. Then you glue it using super-glue liquid. Just a small drop.

    You have to set it up right or the prop will lean one way or the other. Just set it straight then let it dry.
    There you have it a fighter ready to go.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Disc and magnet to P-51 started by CappyTom View original post