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  • 2014 Lend-Lease Raffle - Two - Battle of Britain

    It's only fitting that with our Lend-Lease member coming from Germany, that we showcase the Battle of Britain in one of the raffles. If you prefer to fly for the Brits in these missions, just hop in any of the four fighters below to defend the home land:





    Now, for those of you that prefer to make the long flight across the Channel before engaging the enemy with limited fuel supplies, we have these German fighters for you to fly....





    And since no BoB campaign would be complete with out bombing missions, we also have these for your flying pleasure...



    All 10, that's right 10, of these miniatures are brand new. For those of you that spotted the original Deluxe Set 109 and Spitfire minis in those pictures, they are new as well with sealed decks (donated to the cause by Sven personally!). So, unless Ares offers these two planes in the future as part of a WGS Duel Pack (and I've not heard anything on that as of yet), this might be one of the few chances you have to acquire these rare minis!

    Total retail value of this raffle (if you could actually buy these planes at retail!) is $125.00
    Each ticket costs $5.00 and you can buy as many tickets as you like.
    Raffle will end on: 31 March 2014

    Funds are being raised to bringing Marechallannes over for Origins 2014 as this years Lend-Lease member.

    This raffle has finished.
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    Von Richthofen's Flying Circus

    Die Jagdstaffel 11 wurde am 28.09.1916 aufgestellt. Die Jagdstaffel 11 wurde am 23.06.1917 als Teil
    des neu aufgestellten Jagdgeschwader

    Skafloc Today, 09:43 Go to last post

    Avenger Maneuver Deck?

    Drawing above fixed. Interesting that there are drawings of this plane with a twin-gunned turret, but I can't find any version of TBM or

    OldGuy59 Today, 09:11 Go to last post

    Avenger Maneuver Deck?

    I love details...

    THECCRICH Today, 08:08 Go to last post

    Major disappointment at the IWM

    Is that a congrats, Dave? Or a dig?

    OldGuy59 Today, 08:06 Go to last post

    Major disappointment at the IWM

    But does he have a monthly thread starter gold Drew ...?

    flash Today, 08:00 Go to last post

    Rock Con

    Have a great weekend you chaps - please spoil us with some photos !

    flash Today, 07:56 Go to last post

    Von Richthofen's Flying Circus

    Apparently it was painted standard Fokker olive greens, not red, otherwise would have made an ideal quick repaint of a MvR Fokker,
    Shot down by

    flash Today, 07:54 Go to last post

    Von Richthofen's Flying Circus

    It is in fact a scale model:

    Physical description

    Model: wood and metal model (L 24in x W 28.5in x H 11.5in), made in a scale of 1/10.

    Skafloc Today, 06:27 Go to last post

    Rock Con


    Thank you sir, I'm looking forward to meeting you and others this weekend. See you this afternoon.


    rolld6 Today, 05:31 Go to last post

    100 Years Ago Today

    Placeholder 20th October


    Hedeby Today, 05:17 Go to last post

    100 Years Ago Today

    19th October 1918

    Lieutenant Commander Christopher John Charles Eddis (HMS Scimitar) dies at age 33. His brother will be killed

    Hedeby Today, 05:15 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    TV: Our World War

    As Dave said, well worth a watch!

    Flying Helmut Today, 04:56 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Received today from the RAF Museum Online Shop

    Got the first two but will probably give the third one a miss!

    Flying Helmut Today, 04:51 Go to last post

    Major disappointment at the IWM

    The only disappointment I experienced at the IWM was on the 5th floor, in the Ashcroft Gallery a virtual Aladdin's cave of British medals, apparently

    andron234 Today, 04:11 Go to last post

    Von Richthofen's Flying Circus

    I'm just wondering has anybody seen a Von Richthofen Triplane with a Chequerboard band behind the cockpit? I found this one in the Imperial War Museum

    andron234 Today, 03:31 Go to last post

    Captain Mannering would approve!!

    A horse you've said? Are you sure?

    Dan-Sam Today, 03:17 Go to last post

    Captain Mannering would approve!!

    I wonder what the survival rate was for that job? Months? Hours?

    Evidently hiding in a fake dead horse was also a thing in WWI:

    Tokhuah Today, 02:27 Go to last post

    Avenger Maneuver Deck?

    Would it be too confusing to put an inner yellow curve just inside (maybe touching) the dorsal arc to show the lower shot arc? Also, is there

    Jager Today, 02:24 Go to last post

    TV: Our World War

    Having missed out on Peter Jackson's cinema release 'They shall Not Grow Old' and having to wait for TV release in November I had a quick scout around

    flash Today, 02:17 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Beware of the Hun in the Sun, a new rule

    That time of day is ideal for most patrols Pete.
    it would also give the Germans more advantage in the morning and Allies more in the evening when

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 02:15 Go to last post

    Avenger Maneuver Deck?

    Possible Avenger card?

    [Edit: Single-gunned turret now indicated, and ventral range adjusted.]

    We could put yellow

    OldGuy59 Today, 01:20 Go to last post

    Captain Mannering would approve!!

    id pay up to tree fitty for one!

    milcoll73 Today, 01:13 Go to last post

    Imperial War Museum London WW1 uniforms

    British WWI uniforms looks really stylish. Exactly what you expect from Imperial Power.

    Dan-Sam Yesterday, 23:46 Go to last post

    Beware of the Hun in the Sun, a new rule

    Think you mean Sniper there Pete !

    If diving, as is suggested, you get the +1 anyway if using that rule - You could also consider

    flash Yesterday, 22:54 Go to last post

    Tod oder Ruhm.

    Nice one Andy, nice to see the genesis of the final OTT BE mission. Those Snipes needed to anticipate their reversals a card sooner or the target needed

    flash Yesterday, 22:39 Go to last post
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