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  • 2014 Lend-Lease Raffle - Two - Battle of Britain

    It's only fitting that with our Lend-Lease member coming from Germany, that we showcase the Battle of Britain in one of the raffles. If you prefer to fly for the Brits in these missions, just hop in any of the four fighters below to defend the home land:





    Now, for those of you that prefer to make the long flight across the Channel before engaging the enemy with limited fuel supplies, we have these German fighters for you to fly....





    And since no BoB campaign would be complete with out bombing missions, we also have these for your flying pleasure...



    All 10, that's right 10, of these miniatures are brand new. For those of you that spotted the original Deluxe Set 109 and Spitfire minis in those pictures, they are new as well with sealed decks (donated to the cause by Sven personally!). So, unless Ares offers these two planes in the future as part of a WGS Duel Pack (and I've not heard anything on that as of yet), this might be one of the few chances you have to acquire these rare minis!

    Total retail value of this raffle (if you could actually buy these planes at retail!) is $125.00
    Each ticket costs $5.00 and you can buy as many tickets as you like.
    Raffle will end on: 31 March 2014

    Funds are being raised to bringing Marechallannes over for Origins 2014 as this years Lend-Lease member.

    This raffle has finished.
  • Recent Posts

    Flying Officer Kyte

    Business Trip Surprise

    Well I wish a few more airports would take a leaf out of San francisco's book. it would certainly add an extra dimension to all that waiting about for

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 13:38 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Galactica 1918

    email received from Ares Games............................

    Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles: in Stores Soon!

    Flying Helmut Today, 13:37 Go to last post
    Flying Helmut

    Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles

    email received today from Ares Games..................................

    Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles: in Stores

    Flying Helmut Today, 13:32 Go to last post

    Task Force 1949

    This is an interesting movie about carriers in the US Navy from the beginning through to post WWII. Gary Cooper is the star of the movie. I watched it

    Baxter Today, 12:24 Go to last post

    Business Trip Surprise

    I saw them when I was transferring through several years ago. I think they are just nice aviation-themed decorations

    Jager Today, 12:22 Go to last post

    Sequence of play?

    Something I might add to this game aid is the removal of Jam counters, which should be after each Firing Step. So, once the guns jam, for anywhere from

    OldGuy59 Today, 12:00 Go to last post

    New Ace Cards

    Other than being scenario driven as suggested on p.20 of the RAP I don't think there are official rules as such Dan but Andrea has assigned points values

    flash Today, 11:46 Go to last post

    Sequence of play?

    Try the WW1 Files under Game Aides Huy there are various helpful things there but this might help you to start with, there are others.

    flash Today, 11:43 Go to last post
    Future Pilot

    Strategy Hand Book

    If any of you have any ideas of any tactics you want to make sure get included just PM me.
    As Adolf Galland once said.
    "Superior technical

    Future Pilot Today, 10:59 Go to last post

    Sequence of play?

    Can I find somewhere a summary of the rules in a sequence of play?

    Shannedam1 Today, 10:56 Go to last post
    Future Pilot

    Strategy Hand Book

    How do you think I should organize the book? I am open to any of your opinions.
    -Daniel Germain

    Future Pilot Today, 10:49 Go to last post

    Most sought after WW1 Minis ?

    Late again to find the barn door already closed. Gotha V, balloon, SE5a and Pfalz D.IIIa for me. E.III and DH2 follow closely.

    Teaticket Today, 10:23 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Women Airforce Pilots of WWII

    Thanks for the Heads up Dave.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 10:20 Go to last post

    Most Sought After WW2 Minis ?

    Oops, saw this too late to vote. P-40s and He-111s I would think are tops, Zeros and Wildcats next.

    Teaticket Today, 10:20 Go to last post

    New Ace Cards

    Are there any official rules for using the Ace Cards that come with the newer releases. To clarify, i mean is there something like a points value system

    strontiumdog Today, 10:20 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    Most sought after WW1 Minis ?

    I am astounded that there was not even one or two votes for the Bristols.
    Chris must have been really busy with the Sniper's Times.

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 10:19 Go to last post

    Most sought after WW1 Minis ?

    The RAF SE5a tops the bill as the most sought after model - as that's due as a reprint next year that'll mean some happy pilots; the venerable Airco DH2

    flash Today, 10:01 Go to last post

    Most Sought After WW2 Minis ?

    Wildcats, Reisen, & the Heinkel 111 top the bill with the Warhawk close behind.

    flash Today, 09:57 Go to last post

    What're Your Favourite Scouts for Future Series ?

    Sopwith Pup tops the poll by a long way, Pfalz D.XII & Dolphin are next with the Bristol Scout & Roland D.VI tied for fourth. I'd be happy with

    flash Today, 09:55 Go to last post

    What're Your Favourite Two Seaters for Future Series ?

    Good result for the FE & BE lovers ! The Vickers FB5 'Gunbus' squeaks into third & a three way split for the fourth.

    flash Today, 09:51 Go to last post

    What's Your Pick For Special or Giant Pack ?

    Interesting results so far

    flash Today, 09:46 Go to last post

    Women Airforce Pilots of WWII

    Looks like it was on PBS over a year ago and we missed it.

    Stumptonian Today, 09:20 Go to last post
    Mike George

    The Wright Flight is at it again...

    Very nice pictures and game play.

    Mike George Today, 09:14 Go to last post

    The Wright Flight is at it again...

    Saturday, Dec.8th 11:00am at Eppic Loot in Centerville, Ohio. Google maps said it’s about 26 minutes from Monroe. We game from 11:00 to about

    rhodie80 Today, 09:12 Go to last post

    Number of Planes Shot Down

    In campaign games like OTT it is important to track pilots but in all non-campaign games I have played in, it's never been on my mind.

    Teaticket Today, 09:09 Go to last post
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