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  • 2014 Lend-Lease Raffle - Two - Battle of Britain

    It's only fitting that with our Lend-Lease member coming from Germany, that we showcase the Battle of Britain in one of the raffles. If you prefer to fly for the Brits in these missions, just hop in any of the four fighters below to defend the home land:





    Now, for those of you that prefer to make the long flight across the Channel before engaging the enemy with limited fuel supplies, we have these German fighters for you to fly....





    And since no BoB campaign would be complete with out bombing missions, we also have these for your flying pleasure...



    All 10, that's right 10, of these miniatures are brand new. For those of you that spotted the original Deluxe Set 109 and Spitfire minis in those pictures, they are new as well with sealed decks (donated to the cause by Sven personally!). So, unless Ares offers these two planes in the future as part of a WGS Duel Pack (and I've not heard anything on that as of yet), this might be one of the few chances you have to acquire these rare minis!

    Total retail value of this raffle (if you could actually buy these planes at retail!) is $125.00
    Each ticket costs $5.00 and you can buy as many tickets as you like.
    Raffle will end on: 31 March 2014

    Funds are being raised to bringing Marechallannes over for Origins 2014 as this years Lend-Lease member.

    This raffle has finished.
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    The Cold Blue

    Well, maybe it will make onto Netflix.

    BwanaJoe Today, 04:10 Go to last post

    Low level Lancaster!

    Lovely shots of this impressive plane...although the setting is obviously inland, I am reminded of the episode of 'Foyle's War' where they're

    matt56 Today, 02:21 Go to last post

    Low level Lancaster!

    Great one Dave!

    gully_raker Today, 02:19 Go to last post

    Low level Lancaster!

    Maybe too high Baz - bouncing bomb was released at 60 feet between 240-250 mph ...
    Great shot of a Lanc over Derwent Water, only one thing

    flash Yesterday, 22:49 Go to last post

    May 2019 Workbench

    Heart of Coney Island.com - Luna Park

    The description of 'A Trip to the Moon at the Buffalo World's Fair (1901)' is near the top of the

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 22:10 Go to last post

    Low level Lancaster!

    Poetry in motion . . .

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 20:47 Go to last post

    Low level Lancaster!

    G'day All!
    Check out this pic of a Lancaster flying at very low level.
    Too low for practicing the bouncing bomb mission me thinks.

    gully_raker Yesterday, 20:04 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    My last picture of the P-61 they are restoring in Reading. This was 2 years ago.

    BobP Yesterday, 18:16 Go to last post

    May 2019 Workbench

    How about the Vincent Price movie Master of the World.


    Looks like Wings meets Sails

    BobP Yesterday, 17:29 Go to last post

    B-52 brought back from the boneyard

    Have seen them in action and all I can say is THANKS.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:59 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul and many more to come.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:57 Go to last post

    The Cold Blue

    Saw that the other day David. Joe it is like the last WWI film just a 1 day thing.

    BobP Yesterday, 16:55 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday Paul. Is that 25 for the second time around or are you just a bloody good lier? Have a good one!

    Rebel Yesterday, 16:43 Go to last post

    May 2019 Workbench

    1901 World's Fair . . . Trip to the moon . . . Will look into it . . .

    clipper1801 Yesterday, 16:09 Go to last post

    The Cold Blue

    Cool! Is it for wide release?

    BwanaJoe Yesterday, 16:09 Go to last post

    May 2019 Workbench


    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 15:53 Go to last post

    WWI Decals, 1/144 Scale

    Check with Kevin. I mentioned he only had decals for the US Navy planes for Viet Nam. Well a few weeks later there were 2 sets for the USAF. Then I mentioned

    BobP Yesterday, 15:43 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    No nigtfighting rules, so far... I am afraid the game should not drift toward night fighting...
    I played a WGS "night" game once and

    Nightbomber Yesterday, 13:14 Go to last post
    Dawn Patrol

    May 2019 Workbench

    The magnifiers have arrived! Much prefer this open style to the more hooded one I had years ago. Something this small, I just used a

    Dawn Patrol Yesterday, 12:58 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    New Olive Drab card set on this thread: PTO Northrop P-61 Black Widows - Post #18

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 11:58 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    I can't speak to the stats, and technically not even to the gun system.

    However, within the game mechanics, and a two-second turn, throwing

    OldGuy59 Yesterday, 11:55 Go to last post

    P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter

    What are deck modifications in the H* and R* decks, please? According to the Osprey book 'P-61 Black Widow Units Of World War 2' by Warren Thompson the

    Naharaht Yesterday, 11:08 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    From the Cockpit Brewhouse in Gauteng, South Africa comes Fokker weiss beer. I hope that they are better at brewing than accurately drawing aircraft.

    Naharaht Yesterday, 10:54 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    US Prices

    Thank you for your forthright views Mike. If you have a problem with the policy of this site i suggest that you PM Keith about it.

    Flying Officer Kyte Yesterday, 10:13 Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    (congratulatory head bobs) from the lizard on another year!

    zenlizard Yesterday, 09:57 Go to last post
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