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  • Lend-Lease 2013 Raffle 3 - Jasta 12

    This project is finished.

    I'd like to start this off by first saying that we as a community have really come together over the past two years in regards to the Lend-Lease program. In 2012 we were able to raise enough money to cover the expenses to bring Guntruck over as the very first Lend-Lease participant. This year everyone has again made it possible to bring another one of our great members, Nightbomber, over to be a part of our annual Origins Game Fair Convention. The first two raffles for teh 2013 Lend-Lease raised enough to cover the cost of getting him over here.

    While we could call it quits at this point and everything would go smoothly, I'd like to run one more raffle. Why you ask? First, I know there are some of you that have joined the site or learned about the Lend-Lease program after the last raffle that want to be a part of this as well. For that, I am personally very thankful. It's this spirit of community that has formed here on the Aerodrome that makes all the work and effort worth it. Secondly, I already had the artwork for the higher levels of the medal made up and I already have the prizes as well, might as well go ahead and make those available to those that would like them. And finally, while the Lend-Lease was created to bring one of our overseas members to the Con, the whole reason we started doing the Con in the first place was to spread the word about the game and get more people involved. Doing this has it's own set of expenses and this last raffle will help to cover those and allow us to give out more prizes.

    This final raffle will be for a set of three Fokker Dr.Is custom painted in Jasta 12 colors:

    Vzfw Ulrich Neckel

    Ltn. Hermann Becker

    Ltn Hans Besser

    This raffle is finished, thanks to everyone that help support Lend-Lease 2013!
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    What ruleset to folks generally use?

    I use all rules including altitude and most of the optional rules all the time. I have been playing WGS since 2010 so they are second nature to me.

    Carl_Brisgamer Today, 15:24 Go to last post
    Future Pilot

    My Gimbal Installation Method (Detail)

    Thank you! And great job.

    Future Pilot Today, 15:02 Go to last post

    Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

    Excellent ! At the brewery I recommend the Big Easy Blond (that's a beer not a waitress...)

    NewFlyBoy Today, 14:03 Go to last post

    End of WW2

    Here here!

    Boreas Today, 14:02 Go to last post

    Be Dazzled!

    Heh heh - no worries Joe!
    But yes, your supposition as to my intent was correct.
    They pointed out in the show that the intent was to confuse,

    Boreas Today, 13:58 Go to last post

    What ruleset to folks generally use?

    That is correct!

    Nightbomber Today, 13:47 Go to last post

    April 2018 Workbench

    I think Clipper is using paint thinner in a closed room again...sigh

    Shadowcat Today, 13:33 Go to last post

    What ruleset to folks generally use?

    I have run games with non-AI flown Stukas, Vals and Dauntless without altitude. You can either drop the bomb card in front of the plane or use the plane's

    Teaticket Today, 13:29 Go to last post

    Is there a list of planes and their decks?

    If you look in the files section (both WWI and WW2) there are 'Unofficial' lists of all plane stats, decks, armaments, hits.....

    I have deck

    Teaticket Today, 13:25 Go to last post

    Is there a list of planes and their decks?

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting some Valom kits and wonder if there is a font of deck wisdom to be looked into?
    Also, are there any scanned decks

    Popsical Today, 13:22 Go to last post

    What ruleset to folks generally use?

    Alt rules truly slow down a game. However, I play with them much more often than I used to do before. It really depends on your group. The more advanced

    Nightbomber Today, 13:20 Go to last post

    Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

    Very interesting. I did see one episode of the Oak Island series where they went there to do some research. Looks like a good place to visit.

    BobP Today, 13:20 Go to last post

    April 2018 Workbench

    Those are great looking. Can't wait to see the elephants.

    BobP Today, 13:11 Go to last post

    100 Years Ago Today

    Not after midnight I tend to turn into one of those furbie things with teeth.

    I'll give you a ring on the way up. Could you PM me your mobile

    Skafloc Today, 12:41 Go to last post
    Flying Officer Kyte

    100 Years Ago Today

    That will be fine.
    Will you need feeding?

    Flying Officer Kyte Today, 12:27 Go to last post

    I Think I've Found The Perfect Beer For This Place...

    Ah, Space, the final frontier :

    Jager Today, 12:27 Go to last post

    BoB Starter

    Thinking of picking up the BOB starter and was just wondering if there is anything else I would need , I do fancy getting a hurricane and a Stuka though

    Trumpet Today, 12:02 Go to last post

    The Bristol - AAR

    Have a look here chaps: https://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/do...p?do=cat&id=63
    Found in the files under WW1 - Scenario - solo rules, and

    flash Today, 11:31 Go to last post

    Question: House Rules about leaving the map board

    Pete has that spot on for you Ken.
    There are two 'wounded pilot' cards in each single A and B damage deck - In the A deck the damage number values

    flash Today, 11:26 Go to last post
    Ken at Sunrise

    Question: House Rules about leaving the map board

    Ah, I see. If another damage/wound combination had been received they might keep flying. Of course they would be risking a second wound ending the game,

    Ken at Sunrise Today, 11:24 Go to last post

    Question: House Rules about leaving the map board

    The A5 and B3 are the highest damage and wound combinations for the respective decks - that’s why those two cards were selected.

    Stumptonian Today, 11:11 Go to last post

    WMMS 2018

    Uh oh - don't think I can make 8th July - that's a shame Anyway, sorry Mark, not ignoring you - just got back from a trip to Lanzarote Great to

    mikeemagnus Today, 10:52 Go to last post

    What ruleset to folks generally use?

    Don't worry about grammar, as long as you get the Oxford comma in place you will be fine.

    peterh58 Today, 10:39 Go to last post
    Ken at Sunrise

    Question: House Rules about leaving the map board

    I like these and think we'll adopt them. Playing both this and Star Wars: X-Wing with new players I've seen people run off the board; it isn't as rare

    Ken at Sunrise Today, 10:35 Go to last post

    April 2018 Workbench

    . . . all the better for the victory roast, long poles, impaled peeps, roasting on an open fire! Reminds me of a favorite family Christmas Carol, "Chipmunks

    clipper1801 Today, 10:34 Go to last post
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