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  • Lend-Lease 2013 Raffle 3 - Jasta 12

    This project is finished.

    I'd like to start this off by first saying that we as a community have really come together over the past two years in regards to the Lend-Lease program. In 2012 we were able to raise enough money to cover the expenses to bring Guntruck over as the very first Lend-Lease participant. This year everyone has again made it possible to bring another one of our great members, Nightbomber, over to be a part of our annual Origins Game Fair Convention. The first two raffles for teh 2013 Lend-Lease raised enough to cover the cost of getting him over here.

    While we could call it quits at this point and everything would go smoothly, I'd like to run one more raffle. Why you ask? First, I know there are some of you that have joined the site or learned about the Lend-Lease program after the last raffle that want to be a part of this as well. For that, I am personally very thankful. It's this spirit of community that has formed here on the Aerodrome that makes all the work and effort worth it. Secondly, I already had the artwork for the higher levels of the medal made up and I already have the prizes as well, might as well go ahead and make those available to those that would like them. And finally, while the Lend-Lease was created to bring one of our overseas members to the Con, the whole reason we started doing the Con in the first place was to spread the word about the game and get more people involved. Doing this has it's own set of expenses and this last raffle will help to cover those and allow us to give out more prizes.

    This final raffle will be for a set of three Fokker Dr.Is custom painted in Jasta 12 colors:

    Vzfw Ulrich Neckel

    Ltn. Hermann Becker

    Ltn Hans Besser

    This raffle is finished, thanks to everyone that help support Lend-Lease 2013!
  • Recent Posts


    AIM Mosquito

    Great pics and enriched by the mans words.

    flash Today, 07:49 Go to last post

    Discouraging the unrealistic "Joust"

    Well the ending placement would be quite different, though the vertical separation may be different of course, and that may present different opportunities

    flash Today, 07:38 Go to last post

    Some Darren Harbar WW1 German Love!

    awesome pics!!

    milcoll73 Today, 07:32 Go to last post

    2018 January Bench of new beginnings!

    Looking very nice there, Bob! I look forward to seeing it all finished - you do such lovely work

    All the best,

    matt56 Today, 07:28 Go to last post

    General overview of released minis - WWI

    Yes, perfect. Thanks. I clearly skipped over the part where it says photos in appendix.

    Togo Today, 07:25 Go to last post

    AIM Mosquito

    My order shall be in soon Meantime, a slight diversion by way of encouragement. The following photos came into my possession recently (with permission

    mikeemagnus Today, 06:35 Go to last post

    Some Darren Harbar WW1 German Love!

    Great shots Baz. Thanks for posting

    mikeemagnus Today, 05:56 Go to last post

    Discouraging the unrealistic "Joust"

    Certainly in reality, but on the game table, it would be pretty much the same result, no?
    The problem is that the WoG engine just doesn't allow

    Jager Today, 05:54 Go to last post

    Art for the War Room

    Yep - these are really classy paintings. Nice one Dave

    mikeemagnus Today, 05:54 Go to last post

    2018 January Bench of new beginnings!

    A little HE-111 progress:

    Decals by miscmini.

    Which, btw, rate an unsolicited testimonial. Second time using these decals. Images

    BB401 Today, 05:52 Go to last post

    13 minutes

    I almost never go down to the very bottom of the page, and certainly never noticed the time/date stamp there.
    The time of a posted item in thread

    Jager Today, 05:45 Go to last post

    One of each WGF Giants for sale + a few others

    hi, how much for a small aircraft plus shipping to Italy?

    Papasmurf Today, 04:51 Go to last post

    Minhas Forças Aéreas

    Hamlet Today, 04:19 Go to last post

    Recommendations on which designer for...

    My recommendation is to click on the little circle 3D icon on the top right of the picture on the shapeways product page.

    That lets you

    decapod Today, 03:08 Go to last post

    Recommendations on which designer for...

    I can only echo others comments, though I do like RAF models for the different types and have a soft spot for .jb and Kampf as they brought out first

    Boney10 Today, 02:29 Go to last post

    Dutch Wing flies again !

    Thanks again Barry

    Aardvark1430 Today, 02:01 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    They'd need really deep pockets to make that viable - I can see WoG players buying BRS models but not the other way round so much.

    flash Today, 01:26 Go to last post

    "Official" climb rates, and how they change over time

    There was a change in altitude when it switched from WoW to WoG, where level 1 became zero feet ie hedge-hopping height and the max alts bumped up 1.

    flash Today, 01:14 Go to last post

    Blood Red Skies

    Interesting thread...not looked into it much yet as I have my hands full with WoG but wondering how long it will be before BRS players start grabbing

    Shadowcat Today, 00:27 Go to last post

    Some Darren Harbar WW1 German Love!

    They're a great looking pair Baz

    flash Yesterday, 23:54 Go to last post

    Art for the War Room

    No idea David, it is described as one of his well known 'iconic' pieces of work though and I recognised some of his other work - this being one of them

    flash Yesterday, 23:50 Go to last post

    General overview of released minis - WWI

    Mikes posted the best one Ben, Rob (Skystalker) keeps them up top date for us - there is one for WW2 aircraft too.

    flash Yesterday, 23:46 Go to last post

    Winston Churchill Gettin' Down and Funky....

    That or he just dropped the end of a cigar down his trousers !

    flash Yesterday, 23:44 Go to last post

    Some Darren Harbar WW1 German Love!

    Great pics.

    Almost looks like they are flying over Ares' Countryside mat

    Stumptonian Yesterday, 23:07 Go to last post

    WW2 - How many planes do you manage?

    I voted 6+ - but like Dale, that was solo using a modified version of Black Ronin's chart.
    12 altogether:
    2 Bf109
    2 Me110
    2 Ju87B

    Stumptonian Yesterday, 23:03 Go to last post
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