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  • Building the Reviresco DH9.

    1. Clean off the flash

    1. Make a copy of the wing jigs. Two glued together make a much firmer jig.

    1. Cut out the wing jigs.

    1. Drill all holes.

    2. Glue on the lower wing. Ensure accuracy and angle to the body is 90 degrees.

    1. Drill hole for the flight peg.

    1. Fit wing jigs and top wing to the lower wing.

    1. From a Paper clip, cut cabine struts and main struts to length.

    1. Glue in place.

    1. Fill holes and rub smooth with wet and dry paper.

    1. Bend wire to make skids and fix into place.

    1. Fit the undercart, but not the wheels.

    1. Spray all parts with white primer undercoat.

    1. Paint the parts.

    1. Now fit the prop, wheels, Pilot, Observer, and radiator overflow.

    1. Add decals using micro set and micro sol to fix.

    1. Leave overnight to harden, and then varnish to taste.

    This was a very easy construction thanks to the supplied wing jig.
    You may also find it easier to make a simple former for the skids, although I just bent them with snipe nosed pliers.

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