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  • Building the Skytrex Ansaldo AI.

    The Ansaldo AI.

    Clean up and fettle the parts.

    Drill the hole for the Flight peg.

    Using paper clips, rather than the soft lead struts provided, bend into shape the under cart support struts and the cabine struts.

    Drill out all the holes for the struts and try them for fit.
    Fit and glue the cabine struts, using the top wing as a template to ensure they are vertical.

    Spray all parts with a white undercoat.

    Paint all parts which will not be decaled.

    Make the wing struts from paperclips.
    Glue the wings and undercart in place.

    Fill all holes and paint cream on wing surfaces.
    Touch up Red and Green where needed.
    Print and cut out cammo decals for top wing and tail.

    Apply Micro set and decal.
    After five minutes, apply micro sol to bed in the cammo onto the wings.
    You may need to do this more than once.

    Add roundels and Registration number to the side of the fuselage in the same way.
    Leave to dry over night.
    Varnish to taste.

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