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  • How To paint PC 10 or RFC Khaki.

    There have been quite a few queries lately regarding finding the ideal colour to represent PC 10 & or matching WoW or WoG British colours.

    Well you can certainly try mixing a match but remember the paint will dry a different colour to what it looks like wet. So if you do try to match make sure you let it dry & check the match then.

    As for making PC 10 for repaints or new unpainted models I have found the following two choices the closest to PC 10
    Remember there is still a heated argument amongst Aviation Historians about the "Real" colour of PC 10.
    The argument varies from Greenish Brown to Brownish Green but in reality it changed colour with weathering & exposure to sunlight.

    So for what its worth & with the least amount of effort if you want a reasonable approximation of 'greenish PC 10 the Vellejo Brown Violet is fine. See pic of SE5a repaint of Dalla's Camo kite.

    If you tend to the "brownish" PC 10 then I recommend 2/3rds of a bottle of Privateer Press P3 Battlefield Brown mixed with 1/3rd GW's Catachan Green.

    This mix will give you enough to paint up many models. See pic of the H-P 0/400 for this shade.
    Incidently both these mixes like the real PC 10 will look different under different lighting.

    I know many forumites have their own mixes but this might help any new chums do it more easily.

    GW's Bleached Bone is fine for CDL undersides although I do add a bit of Desert Yellow to darken it a touch.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: PC 10 or RFC Kakhi. started by gully_raker View original post