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  • How to Rig the Ares Monoplanes.

    Andrezj (nightbomber) asked me in another thread about Rigging the new series monoplanes.
    I am pretty sure Zoe who pioneered the process did write somthing but I will give a step by step instruction.

    First get a picture from a profile or book showing the position of the warping wires.
    Then cut a match or other item to the length of the 3 main wing wires measured on the mini.
    Next cut a number of Paint brush hairs to the correct length measured against the matches.
    Carefully cut the hairs with a sharp hobby knife. (You will of course need two of each.)

    Starting with the longest put a small drop of Supa Glue on one end & attach to the Cabane pylon using a pair of long nosed hobby tweezers. Then a drop on the other end & very carefully align on the proper place on the wing.
    Allow to dry fully before you attempt the second wire as you may dislodge the first.

    Then use the same method to do the next longest wire & finally the short wire. Allow to dry completely!
    Finally coat the wing & wire attachment points with matt varnish. This will not only secure the wires better but will avoid any shiny bits of supa glue.

    If you really want to "go to Town" you can add the under wing wires the same way but for purely gaming purposes I only do the top wing wires. Too much chance of damaging the underwing ones on pegs or gimbals.

    Hope that assists as the minis do really look so much better when rigged.

    See example pics below.

    Note from the photos that the wires on the Morane & Fokker are in different positions on the wing regarding lengths.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to Rig the Ares Monoplanes. started by gully_raker View original post