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  • Building the A.E.G. G1V.

    Fettle up the castings, and then make paper templates for the cammo decals. Use these to cut the decals from the printed sheets.

    Drill any holes that are not opened up.
    Fix the lower wing.
    Unlike most of my builds I now undercoated the components before assembly to facilitate the addition of the cammo decals.

    Give a thin wash of white acrylic to the parts which are to receive cammo. This helps the decals to slide and adhere better.
    Brush on Micro set to all areas which will receive cammo decals.
    Apply wing cammo decals to lower side of upper wing and upper side of lower wing.

    When dry, brush on a layer of micro sol to set the decals into the wing profiles.
    Whilst the micro sol is hardening, paint the ancillary parts such as, engines, crew, struts etc.

    Next apply all decals to the sides top and bottom of the fuselage. Do not apply the top or bottom wing surface decals at this point.

    Position and glue engine pods and struts. (This is the trickiest assembly I have yet tackled. Do not rush it.
    Glue cabine struts to underside of top wing. Check fit to aircraft body before glue hardens off fully.

    Glue crew into cockpit.

    Place the cabine struts onto the top wing and align with the fuselage holes.

    Position outer pairs of wing struts, and glue from centre outward as explained in my previous guides.
    Apply top and bottom cammo decals to wings.

    Use micro set and sol as above. You may need more than one coat to accommodate sharp bends. Do not work the decal when softened, it will stretch and lose colour.
    Allow to harden over night
    Clear holes for the undercart and tail skid assembly.
    Glue them into place.

    Touch up any gaps in the cammo junctions. I used a combo of Foundry Deep blue shade, together with Citadel Worm Purple and Games Workshop Shadow grey.
    Add the national markings decals. Guess which Dom supplied these? White numbers by courtesy of the good Col. (Hajj not Sanders.)
    Varnish to taste, and Bob’s your Aunty.


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