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  • Building the Skytrex DH 2.

    This is another easy one, for the beginner.

    Clean up the casting.
    Open up all holes until the struts will slip in easily.

    Fit the struts in pairs, and glue to lower wing. Use the upper wing placed on top to align them.
    Glue the cabine struts to the top wing.
    Marry up the top and bottom wings and glue struts and cabines to the opposing parts.

    Fit and glue tail support struts.

    Take care to match up rear struts.

    Align and glue on tail.

    Assemble and glue on the undercart.
    Fit the tail skid.(The most difficult part of the assembly)
    • Glue on the prop.

      Paint the aircraft.

      Coat the decals area with micro set.
      Apply decals.

      Paint over with micro sol.

      Varnish to taste.

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