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  • Building a Skytrex BE2c.

    • In deference to several requests about building an easy aircraft for beginners, I give you the BE2c.
      It will also fill a niche in the upcoming series 5 release. This is yet another offering from Skytrex.

      1. Fettle the casting and if required make an extension to the rudder. I found on all pictures that I came across that it was longer than on the model casting. I just filed a bit of the sprue that the parts came on, until it looked the part.
      2. No bottom wing to worry about as it comes ready fitted on this casting.
      3. Glue in the wing struts to the lower main plane in pairs checking for vertical laterally but with a slight forward rake. The struts are angled to help this so donít put them in backwards. Use the holes in the top wing pushed on dry to help with the spacing.

      4. Glue on the top wing.

      5. Add the cabine struts using tweezers to position them between the wings and glue.
      6. Turn the plane over and glue on the undercart and tail skid. I changed the supplied braces for bent paperclips to give more strength, and get rid of the skids supplied.
      7. Position the prop and crew in place but do not glue yet.

      8. Spray undercoat to suit.
      9. Remove crew and prop to aid painting.
      10. Glue on crew and prop.
      11. Add decals.

      12. Varnish to taste.

      N.B. I printed my own Reg no for the tail plane. The rest are Domís Decals and the black line is from an old strip of decal paper. The rear pointing Lewis is scratch built, but you donít have to bother with this especially if you can get one of the ones from Shapeways.
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