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  • Building the Skytrex Handley Page Bomber.

    Here is the sequence in which I built My Skytrex Handley Page Bomber.

    1. Clean up parts. Use a fine Swiss or needle file for the plastic.
    2. Wash plastic parts in detergent.
    3. Allow to air dry.
    4. Drill the location holes in body and wings. I used a No 62 drill.
    5. Trial assemble wings.

    6, Glue bottom wing ensuring distance on both sides are =.
    7. Use the center struts and wing struts to ensure the above, by popping on the
    top wing without glue.

    8, Cut the outer struts locating pins shorter to ensure the top struts over the wings have a hole to glue into later.
    9. Glue the wing struts to the bottom wing in pairs and add engine pods without glue.

    10. Make sure that the bottom locating peg on the engine is cut short to allow under-cart struts to share the holes in the wing.
    11. Glue on top wing, leaving engines floating in their holes for now (this helps when painting).
    12. Glue on lower tail plane.

    13. Glue lower tail plane struts in pairs.
    14. Glue on top tail plane, leaving rudders unglued to aid painting later.

    15. File down projecting struts and fill holes. Do not fill holes where wheel struts and wing supports will go in later.
    16. Glue on tail skid.
    17. Assemble the undercarriage (and the best of luck to you!). You will need to trim the wheel hydraulic arms to length.

    18. Add the top bracers to the wings and glue.
    19. Place props and crew in place but do not glue yet.
    20. Spray undercoat.

    21. Remove crew and props and swing engines and rudders right and left, to help with painting.
    22. Paint!
    23. After painting, spot glue crew, engines and rudders into place.
    24. Add decals using the Micro set and Micro sol liberally because of the prominent struts.

    25.Varnish to taste.

    I hope this will help those of you intrepid enough to take on this giant. It is not one that I would recommend for a beginner at building, Start on an easier one.
    Painting guide as for my other builds .See my last thread.
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