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  • Re building the SRAM Pomilio PE.

    I decided that as it stood this aircraft was just too fragile to use in games. I therefore replaced the wings and tail section in Plasticard, the undercart with a spare Reviresco one, and the prop was kindly supplied by Angela at Skytrex. Pilot is also Reviresco and gunner Peter Pig. Thus we have a fully Allied combination of parts.
    Clean off the resin flash.

    Draw up the new wings using the old ones as a template.

    File the wings to shape.

    Drill the wings as a pair for the strut holes.

    Cut the struts to length using the elevation drawing supplied to accertain the length required.

    Then bend the cabine struts to shape with pliers.

    Glue on the bottom wing.

    Glue on the Engine facia,and then Position the cabine struts, drilling holes as needed.

    Pin and glue the tail plane together.

    Affix the tail assembly to the rear fuselage.

    Glue on the Cabine struts, ensuring alignment by placement of the outer main struts.

    Glue on the top wing. Fit and glue the end struts and Cabines first, before inserting the inner struts.
    Clean off the struts to fit and fill the holes.

    Produce the Flight Peg.

    Drill the hole for the Flight Peg.

    Glue in the peg.
    Spray the parts with white undercoat.

    Paint all parts.

    Invert the aircraft and attach the Undercart.

    Glue on the pilot, rear gunner, and prop.

    Prepare surfaces to be decaled with Micro set.
    Add decals.

    After ten minutes, very lightly brush on Micro sol.
    Allow to dry overnight.

    Varnish to taste.

    All went well excepting the decals which were very brittle, and broke up easily. I reverted to Dom’s for the roundels and managed to rescue pieces of most of the others enough to hand paint in the missing pieces.
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