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  • Building the Felixstowe F2A.

    This was an easy build. It could be attempted by almost anyone with simple modelling skills.

    Clean off the flash and casting lines.
    Degrease the plastic parts with washing up liquid.
    Drill all holes out to enable easier fitting of parts.
    Fit two 12mm struts to centre holes in lower wing.
    Fit the engines in holes on either side high above the wing and with the spindles forward.

    Check fit to upper wing.
    Fit the 15.5 mm struts to the wing.

    Check the fit to the upper wing.

    Glue the tail plane onto the fuselage. Ensure alignment is accurate.

    Dry fit all the support struts.
    Glue support struts and tail plane to fuselage.

    Glue support struts and bottom wing to fuselage.

    Dry fit engines and struts to wings

    Undercoat with white spray paint.

    Dismantle the top wing and paint the body and inside surface of both wings.

    Paint the engines, struts, and props, plus gunners and side armament.

    Position and glue in cabine struts and engine pods.

    Glue on top wing. Check alignment carefully in all planes.

    Spring in and glue the main struts, working in pairs, out from the centre.

    Fill strut holes in wings with green stuff, and clean up when dry.
    Add the guns, gunners and props. Glue in place.

    Micro set the areas for decals. Add decals, and after ten minutes Micro sol.

    Allow to dry overnight, and then varnish to taste.

    Note. A gloss varnish on these aircraft is acceptable as they were highly yacht varnished because of the close proximity to water.
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