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  • Building the Skytrex Short 184 Seaplane.

    Clean off flash and wash resin parts in washing up liquid to remove any traces of release agent.
    Glue lower wing in place and ensure that it is aligned correctly.

    Drill out all holes for struts, tail plane, floats etc.
    Glue in cabine struts and align the top wing. To help in this place two temporary struts in the extreme end wing holes.

    Glue the remaining struts in as pairs, from the centre outwards. Remember to cut the outermost struts lower pegs short to allow for the floats to be inserted under the wings.

    Glue tail assembly in place.

    File down protruding struts, and fill the holes in the wings with “Green Stuff”.
    Clean up the wings with wet and dry.
    Turn plane over and trial assemble undercart. Bend to 30 degrees to fit floats perpendicular to the wings.

    Glue undercart and floats in place.

    Return plane to upright and glue exhausts in place above radiators.( Tweezers may help in this process.)
    Paint the aircraft with white undercoat.

    Then paint in colours of your choice. Nb. Some parts may be easier to paint before assembly, but I found this unnecessary. It all depends on your dexterity with a paint brush.
    Paint the gunner, pilot, and prop.
    Glue them in place.
    Brush Micro set onto areas to decal.
    Add decals, and after 10 minutes brush with Micro sol to blend them in.

    Allow to dry overnight and then varnish to taste. Remember that Seaplanes had a high gloss to repel salt water.

    Note. This build is another quite easy one for the novice, and can be completed over a weekend.
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