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  • Building the Reviresco Voisin L Type III

    Building the Reviresco Voisin L Type III.

    This is the most tricky build that I have undertaken, mainly because the old style lead components were not up to the strength needed for Wargaming. I, therefore, decided to reconstruct the wings and their method of attachment to the body out of Plasticard and steel wire.

    Clean off the flash.
    Join the fuselage halves together.
    Green stuff the joints to hide them.

    Clean up with wet and dry paper.
    Because of the fragile nature of the undercart, I took the unusual step of gluing in the axel at this stage to stabilize the framework. Use .025 wire.

    I built a new set of wings from Plasticard.

    Attach lower wing to fuselage.

    Glue on engine but NOT the prop.

    Construct the Longeron assembly and tail plane according to the pattern supplied.

    Glue the cabine struts to the top wing with the radiators to the front.

    Glue cotton ribs to the wings if desired.

    Trial fit the main struts and rear structure.

    Position wings in jigs and glue in the cabine struts to both wings.

    Fit the main struts and glue.

    Fill in any holes with green stuff.
    Clean off any excess.
    Spray the parts with white primer prior to any further assembly to facilitate ease of painting.
    Paint the aircraft.

    Glue in the pilot.
    Position and glue Machine gun stand and gunner.
    Assemble and glue on the rear structure.
    Glue on the wheels and props.
    Apply decals with the aid of Micro set and Micro sol.

    Varnish to taste.

    Notes. I drilled out holes for the rear assembly to fit to the lower wing instead of relying on the slot as on the original. This needs to be at the same angle and position as the slot.
    The shape and size of the Longeron is critical, so be very careful to check all parts of this construction against the plan and the rest of the assembled plane several times before gluing.
    I had to add extra cross braces just to stop the whole assembly from twisting, and being too weak for use in games.

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