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  • Building the Skytrex Aviatic DI.

    Building the Aviatic DI.

    This is a straight forward build unless you choose to fully decal as I did.

    Clean off the flash from all parts.
    Draw around the outline of wings and fuselage to make decal templates.

    I used a hole punch to make the wheel covers.

    Cut out and dry fit decals. For this one I used Reviresco decals.
    Drill out clearance holes for cabine struts, wings and undercart.
    Produce flight peg on lathe.

    Test for fit with genuine peg.

    Drill hole in fuselage bottom for Flight peg.

    Dry fit parts and then whilst assembled white spray with undercoat.

    Disassemble undercoated model and paint all parts which will not be decaled.

    Micro set areas to be decaled.
    Decal the aircraft excepting the top wing.

    After ten minutes micro sol to help the decals conform to the contours of the aircraft.
    Brush over the decals with varnish to protect from handling whilst assembling the model.
    Pierce the decals with a cocktail stick and clear out strut holes with the small drill.
    Glue cabine struts to fuselage ensuring correct slope on inter-strut and alignment with holes in top wing.

    Set the main struts in place using the top wing positioned on the dry cabines as a jig and glue up.
    File off protruding strut ends.

    Fill holes in wings and wet and dry once set.
    Repair undercoat if needed.
    Position undercart and flight peg and glue in.

    Micro set and decal top wing.

    Micro sol when ten minutes has elapsed.
    Glue on the propeller.
    Add insignia decals using the Micro set/ sol as before.

    Varnish to taste.

    This was a very easy model to make excepting that the main struts are a bit too long and need to be adjusted.
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