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  • Building the Skytrex Siemens Schuckert D IV.

    Building the Skytrex Siemens –Martin Schuckert DIV.

    This should have been a really easy build, but the cabine strut holes were miss aligned, so it was a bit of a fiddle to get them re drilled. Otherwise a dream build.

    As usual remove the flash with a sharp blade/ needle file.
    Print and cut decals for the wings.

    Open up the holes for all parts with a small drill.

    Invert the plane and drill the hole for the flight peg.

    Affix the main struts using the top wing as a jig.

    Attach the cabine struts to the top wing using the bottom wing for alignment.

    Undercoat the plane with white spray paint.

    I then put a coat of acrylic white on all areas that were to show after the decals had been applied.
    Paint the non decaled parts with the requisite finish.

    Decal the inner wing and tail, remembering to prepare the area with Micro set prior to fixing.
    After ten minutes brush over with Micro sol to enhance the contours of the wing under the decals.
    Allow decals to cure over night. Pierce holes with a cocktail stick through the decals where the struts are going to enter.
    Attach and glue in the top wing.

    When set, fill any remaining holes with greeenstuff or other such filler.
    After setting clean down with wet and dry paper.
    Re touch any missing undercoat, and apply the rest of the decals.

    Invert the plane and add the undercart.

    Glue this and the flight peg into place.
    Glue on the propeller.
    Using the Micro set / Micro sol system as before add any insignia.

    Allow to fully set and then varnish to taste.

    Apart from the holes in the wings on this model being oversize for some unexplainable reason, and the problem with the cabines this was an easy model to complete.

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