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  1. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 5: Report to the Infantry, Soldier!


    The second part of our tournament was held during Sunday. I'm sure Nemanja would appreciate the start around 9:30 so there were plenty of time to sleep after visiting Officer's Mess yesterday.

    Prizes are ready, minis are ready, players too. Tally ho!

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    We were attacking with bombers during our first mission. Briefing, tactics, should be a piece of German cake. Well, it wasn't. Our brave bomber ...

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  2. Wings of Eternal City - Chapter 4: Choks Away, Chaps!


    Enough of sightseeing, gentlemen, today we'll fly. There are two missions over enemy's territory and a training one. Make notes, you need to know what to do in the air.

    We (me and 2 Andreas) prepared the mats and system. The hall is ok, conditioned to a fine temperature and players of medieval tactical games are already playing (on a photo). In the second hall there are players of ASL - terribly quiet in deep concentration.

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