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  1. Hi I,m Mike George

    Hi I,m Mike George

    I'm looking for anybody in the greater Kansas City Area to play WoW with.
    I live in Smithville, MO
    I love anything to do with WW1 air warfare.
    I own a RC modeling company: Mike and Son Models LLC
  2. Reviresco Sopwith Triplane Build Project

    This is a summary of my Reviresco Sopwith Triplane Build Project from the Hobby Forum:

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    Last night I started my first Reviresco miniature build... Figured I would jump in head first and go for a harder one, so I chose to do the Sopwith Tripe. I am going to attempt to photo-document my work here in this thread as I progress.

    I will be following a set of tips and instructions kindly provided to me by Flying Officer Kyte. If this project should

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  3. Most Geeks, No Matter What Their Age, Appreciate Geekiness...

    I am sitting here, shortly after midnight, waiting for paint to dry. In my hobby room next door, sits my Reviresco Sopwith Tripe... a project that seems to have taken 3 days short of forever to complete. I await a bit of paint to thoroughly dry so that I might apply the last few decals, and then apply one last coat of clearcoat and dullcoat. I am this close (imagine a bandaged thumb and a forefinger held very, very, very close to each other) to finally having it done... but first I must wait... ...

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  4. How NOT to prepare a WoW Event - A Somewhat Lengthy Tale of Printing and Horror...

    Beware those allergic to Stupidity...

    So I begin my tale by telling you how extremely excited I am to be finishing up the last minute preparations for my upcoming tournament on Sunday. This morning I made a list of the things I need to get done to ensure that things go smoothly for my first WoW tournament... well, we should actually say my second attempt at my first WoW tournament... (you have to check the AAR's for that story...)

    My case manager and good friend Janet ...

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  5. Compassionate Cow

    “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” - Dalai Lama

    ….it is a pretty simple quotation, but I think it sums up the very key of what is currently wrong with the United States and its people right now. In fact I believe it is an injustice and condition that can be found all over the world…
    We, as a nation, and many of us as individuals, have been hell-bent on selfishly pursuing happiness. We chase our rainbows ...
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